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Where to buy tickets

Where can I buy SkyUp Airlines tickets?

On the SkyUp website or social networks, at ticket agencies and with the help of search engines.

Our website

It's simple - you can buy a ticket on the home page or, if you don't know where you want to fly yet, in the "Super deals" section.

You can buy a ticket on the website without any additional fees.

Ticket office at the Boryspil Airport

The partner ticket office “Kiy Avia” is located on the 3rd floor of Terminal D. It is open 24/7.

In the ticket office you can find out information about airline flights, the rules of air transportation of passengers and baggage. You can also purchase tickets and pay additional services when checking in for the flight. Please note that when issuing tickets, an additional service charge is possible.

Ticket office contact numbers: +38 (044) 490 49 55, +38 (044) 281 78 89 +38 (067) 329 15 57,

Email: [email protected]

Partner ticket office "Aviahandling" at Lviv airport

st. Lyubinskaya, 168

Terminal A (new), 1st floor

Opening hours: Mon — Sun 8:00 — 18:00 (if flights are operated after 18:00, the ticket office opens 2 hours before the departure time)

Contact phone: +38 (067) 340 61 64, +38 (032) 297 02 96

Partner ticket office "Sky Service" at Odesa airport

Central Airport St., 2

New terminal, 1st floor 1 cash desk

Opening hours: Mon — Sun, around the clock

Contact phone: (Viber): +38 (050) 492 31 19

Partner ticket office "SkyUp" at Kharkiv airport

Romashkina St., 1

Cash desks No. 9 and No. 10

Opening hours: Mon — Sun 08:00 - 19:00

The representative office is open 3 hours before and 1 hour after the departure.

Contact phone: +380 800 303 803, +38 (067) 577 74 24, +38 (0577) 28 32 03, +38 (067) 400 57 09

Email: [email protected]

Partner ticket office "SkyUp" at the airport of Zaporizhzhia

Blakytna St., 4

Working hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri - 04:00 — 09:00 / 20:00 — 01:00;

Thu - 04:00 — 16:00 / 20:00 — 01:00;

Sat - 04:00 — 15:00;

Sun - 20:00 — 01:00

The representative office is open 3 hours before the departure of the flight and one hour after.

Please note that when issuing tickets, an additional service charge is possible.

Airline ticket sales agencies

Tickets for our flights are available at any certified online/offline airline ticket sales agency in Ukraine (with the exception of temporarily occupied territories and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea).

Our official representative offices in other countries

Armenia — SkyWay
Greece — BBT Air
Georgia — «AVIANET» LTD
Israel — Mona Tours Ltd
Italy — TAL Aviation GSA Italy
Cyprus — Orthodoxou Aviation LTD
Czech Republic and Slovakia — AVIAREPS A.G.
Portugal — ASL-Avia Services & Logisticts Sociedade Unipessoal Lda

Airline ticket search services

You can find SkyUp flights on global airline search services. When booking through one of it, the service redirects you to the airline’s website or to the sales agency’s website, where you can book and arrange air travel.

Please note: sales agencies and representative offices may add a service charge to the ticket price.

Sale of concessionary tickets for special categories of passengers

The partner ticket office "Kiy Avia" at Boryspil International Airport provides a service of selling tickets at concessionary rates for domestic flights. No service fee applies to those tickets.

A concessionary ticket is issued at the lowest fare available, according to the passenger's category and the documents provided.

Types of discounts:

  • 50% discount
  • 100% discount

To issue a concessionary ticket, you must present the originals of the following documents:

  • Certificate (document) confirming the passenger’s status;
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (for citizens with an ID-card, it is also necessary to present an extract from the Unified State Register);
  • Tickets list for traveling at reduced fare:
    • if such a list is provided according to the category of the passenger;
    • the number of the certificate for which this list was issued must be indicated, and this number must coincide with the number indicated in the certificate;
  • A medical certificate confirming the absence of contraindications for travel by air (if there is reason to believe that there is a risk to the passenger's health due to elderly age, as well as when a person with a disability of the corresponding group applies for a concessionary ticket);
  • Information (certificate) about the State authority that issued the tickets list (in case the stamp on the tickets list does not make it possible to establish this authority).

List of categories of citizens who can purchase tickets at concessionary rate:

  • people with disabilities;
  • children with disabilities;
  • person accompanying a person with disabilities of group I*;
  • person accompanying children with disabilities*;
  • war veterans (combattants, persons with disabilities due to the war, war participants, persons with special services to the Motherland) and persons equated to them;
  • invalids of the Great Patriotic War of groups I and II and persons equated to them;
  • person accompanying a disabled person of the Great Patriotic War of the 1st group*;
  • victims of Nazi persecution.

* no more than one accompanying person.

If you have any questions, please contact us in Facebook, Instagram or [email protected]. We will respond to all your requests.