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Returning home: SkyUp resumes special flights for Ukrainians who remain abroad

27 Apr 2020

SkyUp will operate irregular commercial special flights to enable Ukrainians and foreigners with the right to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine to return home from abroad.

Please note that foreigners staying in Ukraine can use these flights to return to their countries of citizenship.

Twenty special flights in different directions are now scheduled. Their number may vary in accordance with the development of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

Special flight destinations. UPD

As of 29 May, the following flights are scheduled:

28.04.2020 — Stockholm, Naples
30.04.2020 —  Larnaca
01.05.2020 — Dusseldorf
02.05.2020 — Paris, Lisbon, Zurich
04.05.2020 — Frankfurt, Milan, Taraz
06.05.2020 — Malta-Alicante, Copenhagen-Oslo, Goa
07.05.2020 — Male, Colombo
08.05.2020 — Prague, Colombo-Male, Frankfurt (flight rescheduled from 10.05)
10.05.2020 —  Delhi, Tel Aviv (flight rescheduled from 08.05)
14.05.2020 — Paris — Kyiv, London — Kyiv — London, Kyiv — Frankfurt — Kyiv
16.05.2020 — Kyiv — Tbilisi — Kyiv, Kyiv — Lisbon — Kyiv
17.05.2020 — Kyiv — Nice — Kyiv
18.05.2020 — Dusseldorf — Kyiv — Dusseldorf, Yerevan — Kyiv, Kyiv — Naples — Kyiv
19.05.2020 — Kyiv — Taraz
20.05.2020 — Kyiv — Tel Aviv — Kyiv, Kyiv — Hamburg — Kyiv, Taraz — Kyiv
29.05.2020 — Kyiv — Copenhagen — Kyiv
30.05.2020 — Paris — Kyiv — Paris, Prague — Kyiv, Stockholm — Kyiv, Kyiv — Oslo — Kyiv, Antalya — Kyiv
31.05.2020 — Baku — Kyiv
01.06.2020 — Barcelona — Kyiv — Barcelona, Kyiv — Munich — Kyiv, Frankfurt — Kyiv — Frankfurt
03.06.2020 — Kyiv — Berlin — Kyiv, Warsaw — Kyiv, Kyiv — London — Kyiv
05.06.2020 — Milan — Kyiv, Istanbul — Kyiv, Sofia — Kyiv, Kyiv — Alicante — Kyiv, Kyiv — Naples — Kyiv
07.06.2020 — Kyiv — Yerevan — Kyiv, Kyiv — Tbilisi, Dubai — Kyiv, Kyiv — Rome — Kyiv
08.06.2020 — Delhi — Kyiv, Kyiv — Vienna — Kyiv, Frankfurt — Kyiv — Frankfurt
09.06.2020 — Sharm El Sheikh — Kyiv
10.06.2020 — Barcelona — Kyiv — Barcelona
11.06.2020 — Kyiv — Stockholm — Kyiv, Vilnius — Kyiv, Riyadh — Kyiv, Muscat — Kyiv
12.06.2020 — Dusseldorf — Kyiv — Dusseldorf
13.06.2020 — Tashkent — Kyiv — Tashkent, Baku — Kyiv, Hurghada — Kyiv

Schedule information is available at the website in Special flights section. All updates will be published on and SkyUp Airlines Facebook page.

Tickets can be purchased on the airline’s website and through the agent network.

How special flights are organized. UPD

The schedule and destinations of special flights are coordinated with the state bodies of Ukraine, embassies and consular services of Ukraine abroad. All flights are operated from and to the Boryspil airport.

To provide transfer to regions for passengers returning to Ukraine on special flights the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine engaged several carriers.
Look for details here.

Requirements for passengers of special flights

Passengers who want to use special flights to return to Ukraine will have to sign a document of consent for a mandatory 14-day self-isolation or observation in specialized institutions.

Those passengers who choose self-isolation at their homes will need to download the Diy vdoma (Act at home) mobile application for further monitoring of their compliance with the conditions of self-isolation by the authorized state bodies.

Boarding an aircraft is only possible with a signed document. During control at the airport, upon arrival in Ukraine, border guards will check the presence of the installed mobile application Act at home for those passengers who have chosen self-isolation at their homes.

What security measures are taken on special flights

All aircraft carrying out special flights are equipped with a special Universal Precaution Kit in the event of suspected cases of communicable disease onboard in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of IATA and EASA for the organization and implementation of air transportation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pilots and cabin crew are provided with personal protective equipment such as masks/respirators, gloves, goggles, disinfectants, and protective suits in accordance with a certain level of existing risks to life and health at destination points.

During the flight, crew members will use a separate toilet in the bow of the aircraft and will not leave the aircraft in the quarantine zone.

Mandatory self-isolation for crew members is not provided.

After each flight, disinfection is carried out on board. After completion of all necessary procedures and the subsequent 4-hour airing, a general cleaning will be carried out.