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Santa Barbara Castle — the fortress, which can be seen from any alley in Alicante.

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What to see in Alicante

Port of Alicante

Port of Alicante

50 shades of blue in the picturesque marina of the port of Alicante, the place where Mediterranean cruise liners, yachts, and boats are anchored. A sea yacht trip is one of must-dos. And if you want to make this voyage unique, rent an entire ship, because the life of Alicante is inextricably linked with the sea. After a cruise, a good idea would be to take an unforgettable walk along the legendary Esplanade of Spain in the port of Alicante, the famous pedestrian boulevard, which has long been a legend itself!

Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle

The fortress, which can be seen from any alley in Alicante, is a great landmark for tourists. Do you love panoramas? The upper part of the castle still fulfills its ancient purpose and offers an unforgettable 360​​° view of the outskirts of the city. Santa Barbara is also called the stone crown of Alicante, the ancient walls and towers of the castle symbolize the resilience and courage of the Spanish people. The fortress consists of three levels, each of which originated in its era and is a monument of the past.

Guadalest Valley

Guadalest Valley

How about combining the beauties of medieval architecture and incredible nature all together? Guadalest Valley is the so-called "3 in 1", because here you can enjoy a medieval castle, an ancient town, and a picturesque landscape. Away from major tourist sites and surrounded by high mountain ranges, whether you go for a portion of Spanish romance, or in search of historical relics, the Valley will forever remain in your heart and make everyone fall in love with it.

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