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Backend Developer/Programmer (PHP/MySQL)

Work experience from 3 years, Fluency in PHP 5.5 + / 7, OOP, MySQL, Design Patterns, MVC, Git, Redis, Composer

Working conditions



  • Work experience from 3 years;
  • Fluency in PHP 5.5 + / 7, OOP, MySQL, Design Patterns, MVC, Git, Redis, Composer;
  • Product vision and team development experience;
  • Good English = good plus;
  • JS / jQuery, Bootstrap, fullstack process = another plus
  • Aviation related product development;
  • Unique experience in creating an aviation product, there are very few specialists in the world with similar skills. 

The company offers

  • The ability to fly at the minimum airline fare without restrictions, medical insurance;
  • Official registration according to the Labor Code of Ukraine;
  • Paid vacation (24 days);
  • Convenient work schedule;
  • Comfortable office (10 meters from Boryspilska metro station);
  • Young and friendly team. 

Student program

СThe student program is specifically designed to train pilots without experience.

To be further employed as a first officer of SkyUp Boeing 737.

Pilots are trained to the level of CPL (A), IR (A), MEP (L) with folded ATPL (A) exams by ATO Aviation Group.

To participate in the program, you need:

  • desire to learn how to fly the aircraft
  • complete secondary education
  • English language skills, physics, and mathematics
  • have a medical complete medical examination and obtain a Class 1 aviation medical certificate

The term of training is 24 months. The beginning of preparation of the first group is planned for September 2020.

If you have been dreaming of sky for a long time, then we are on our way.
Hurry up and register for training.

Fill in the form.

We are interested in working with professionals. Therefore, we are ready to bring them up independently. Those people who will be able to work according to European standards and will develop aviation in Ukraine together with us.

Co-pilot training programme

With our program you will build your career in aviation, and we will get professionals for our team.

To participate in the cadet program, you need:

  • CPL (Frozen ATPL).
  • Existence of a valid Class 1 medical certificate.
  • Presence of a bachelor's or higher diploma in aviation higher education (certificate from the dean's office - in case of studying at the moment).
  • Availability of ELP Level 4 and above.
  • Presence of MVL training certificate (from the holder of Ukrainian license).
  • Biometric passport.

After the contest you join our team, and then - study.

Our cadets are trained in two leading European educational institutions - Air Baltic Training (Riga) and Baltic Aviation Training (Vilnius).
The payment for the B-737 type is partially covered by the company (50%), provided that the contract is signed for 3 years.

And don't forget, of course, that you're the future commander. SkyUp Airlines has a "Fast track to command program."

Will you be able to participate in our cadet program? Write to us and we will get acquainted and discuss it.

If everything matches, send us your resume. And if you're not ready yet - improve your skills, get knowledge that you don't have enough to start with and send your resume later, because the program continues.

Our future pilot in love with the sky,
We are looking for U!

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Flight attendants training programme

Do you have a dream? Want to fly with SkyUp Airlines? You are the one who can become our flight attendant.

We don't care about your age, gender, parameters or education. We want to see professionalism and love for our business. And if you can bring love to your first interview, we are ready to teach you the rest.

SkyUp has developed its own flight attendants training program for this purpose.
Everything you need to participate in the competition: knowledge of English, completed higher education, ability to swim, lack of scars and tattoos on the open parts of the body.

Training takes place on the basis of the International Aviation Training Centre; all costs are covered by the company. In just two months our experts will tell you all about aviation, flight safety and ideal service, and instructors will help you with practice - they will fly with you on your first flights and support you in the most important moments 😊

We have already trained 76 specialists in one year and are now waiting for you among the new members of our airline family.

If you love the sky as much as we do, you want to work according to European standards and you are ready to develop aviation in Ukraine - send us your resume.

Our responsible, sociable and in love with the sky flight attendants,
We are looking for U!

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Choosing aviation, I made a child's dream come true, because the desire to become a pilot appeared in preschool age.

The main characteristic of a pilot is his professional reliability. If you love what you do, your main goal is to improve in your profession

Oleg Solovyanchik, captain, TRI of SkyUp Airlines

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Romance in detail

You can see romance in the little things. When a man orders a bouquet of flowers on a flight for a companion, it's just that. When the birthday girl is congratulated with a cake. And you become a part of that moment when you present a surprise - SkyUp literally brings romance on board

Carina Lukina, flight attendant of SkyUp Airlines

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Aviation is people...

Everyone here is in love with their profession and you can find many friends. Now, when I'm on vacation, I miss the planes very much, so I go to fly small planes or try to fly to other countries to at least somehow experience the feeling of flight.

Pavel Gridin, first officer of SkyUp Airlines

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Aviation is my life

I believe that the flight attendant is a very versatile profession. There is a special romance here. For example, the incredible beauty of sunrises and sunsets, the opportunity to see the northern lights

Anastasia Polivach, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

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I'm on the same wave with SkyUp!

I love my job for the opportunity to travel, to meet such different and wonderful people, for my reliable colleagues nearby and for my uniform, of course. It's like a superhero costume! 

Kristina Goshko, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

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People only go to aviation because they love her

I advise young pilots to improve themselves, constantly read, learn something new. Without knowledge, there is no chance to get into aviation. You need to work hard on yourself and, of course, believe in achieving your goal.

Bogdan Boktyayev, first officer of SkyUp Airlines

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The main thing is to love your job endlessly, because people always feel how sincere your smile is

I love my work for the opportunities: to see amazing sunrises and sunsets, to meet wonderful people, to be in different cities and countries. And, for the opportunity to be useful not only to ourselves, but also to our passengers.

Tanya Lysenko, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

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I love my work at 11,000 meters at dawn

The crew is just about coordinated work together, about interaction, about common goals and tasks. This is my second family

Oleg Gaevoy, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

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You're in a special world, living by your extraterrestrial laws and regulations.

I came to aviation as a flight attendant back in 2011. Anh then I decided to become a pilot.

Galina Marakhovska, first officer of SkyUp Airlines

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SkyUp and I started a new story together

We want to make people happy, give them a chance to see the world

Elvira Zhurba, SkyUp flight attendant

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When you go up into the sky and land a plane weighing 70 tons, it feels like it's forever

That's what I've been going through my entire life of consciousness

Andrei Molodyi, SkyUp’s first officer

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I said at the age of nine "I'll be a pilot!". And I never once doubted the right choice

The job should be fun and motivating.

Julia Slobodyanyuk, SkyUp’s first officer

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Aviation is forever!

I have something to compare with - I have been working as a flight attendant since 2011, SkyUp is my fifth airline. We have a friendly and close-knit team. Here you feel in harmony with yourself and others

Tanya Taran, SkyUp Airlines senior flight attendant

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Work for fun

When passengers leave with a smile, thank for the flight and tell how cool it was, it instantly relieves fatigue and is very inspiring.

Vlad Makarchuk, SkyUp Airlines flight attendant

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Part of our profession is to remain calm in any situation.

SkyUp is my most convenient office. I have a great view from the window. The best plane. The wisest commander. And so every time. I don't want to use the "dream job" cliche, but it's definitely something very close to it.

Maxim Zalewski, first officer of SkyUp Airlines

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