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Updated December 1, 2016

Protecting Your Personal Information                 

As part of the use of the services available on our website, on the mobile website, as well as in mobile applications, SkyUp Airlines may collect and process your personal information. SkyUp Airlines is interested in observing the rules for protecting the personal information of its passengers, members of the loyalty program, customers and users of the site, mobile site and mobile applications. The processing of all personal information in the framework of the provision of services is carried out in accordance with local legislation, as well as in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Electronic Information and Freedoms of January 6, 1978, with amendments and additions.

In order to monitor the implementation of these standards, SkyUp Airlines has appointed an Information and Freedoms Protection Commissioner (CIL), which is the main contact person for the National Commission for the Protection of Information and Freedoms (CNIL).

For what purposes can SkyUp Airlines collect personal data?

The personal information that you provide to us through the website, mobile website and mobile applications, or when contacting SkyUp Airlines, is mainly used to book and purchase tickets or provide specific services and services related to transportation, market research, implementation of loyalty programs , entertainment, the provision of commercial information, conducting surveys, gaming contests, improving new services and products, statistical research.

Your information can also be used to provide you with the opportunity to use all types of services on the SkyUp Airlines website, on the mobile website and in mobile applications. Such services include creating an account, receiving newsletters, managing reservations, helping and solving problems, managing loyalty programs, etc.

Your data can also be analyzed in order to bring our information, our notifications, offers and other forms of services that we offer in your interests in accordance with them.

Your data can also be supplemented by providing certain information to our privileged commercial partners in order to increase our awareness of the sphere of your interests, in turn, to send you various offers and other forms of personalized services.

Your information can also be used to facilitate the implementation of administrative rules and regulations in the field of immigration and entry into the country, to identify debtors and combat fraud, as well as to ensure the safety and reliability of flights.

Any incident that occurred during the execution of the transportation contract and could violate the safety and reliability of the flight can be recorded electronically, entailing a lawsuit and a ban on the use of SkyUp Airlines flights for three years.

Who has access to your personal information?

Information obtained through the SkyUp Airlines website, mobile website or mobile applications can be transferred to SkyUp Airlines authorized personnel, partners (accredited representatives, carriers, car rental companies, hotels, credit card companies, etc.) or additional service providers , in the framework of the provision of all or part of the services above.

SkyUp Airlines requires its suppliers to enforce strict confidentiality and data protection measures.

In addition, in accordance with the laws in force in France and internationally, SkyUp Airlines, as well as any other airline, may be required to provide personal information of citizens to French or foreign government bodies (customs, migration service , police, etc.), for example, as part of the implementation of mandatory procedures related to immigration or the prevention of terrorism and other serious crimes.

In accordance with Article L.232-7 of the French Internal Security Code, we inform you that air carriers may be forced to transfer reservation, check-in and boarding information to their passengers (API / PNR) to the French authorities in accordance with with the established procedure for their processing and for the purposes established by decree No. 2014-1095 of 09/26/2014.

Some of the above-mentioned state recipient information bodies may be located outside the European Union and have access to all or part of personal information payments received by SkyUp Airlines (name, surname, passport number, travel information, etc.) in order to properly fulfill the contract of carriage or due to the existence of specific legal grounds.

How to exercise your rights?

In accordance with the Law on Electronic Information and Freedoms, you have the right to access, change, delete or appeal information concerning you. To exercise these rights, you must contact in writing at the following address: SkyUp Airlines - 02121, Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv Highway, 201 / 203-2a.

For some types of services, these rights can be used online (user account management, reservation management, loyalty program, etc.).

SkyUp Airlines reserves the right to use your data or transfer it to your partners to send you relevant commercial offers, if you do not refuse it during the transfer of your data or later. In accordance with the law, your data will not be used for surveys without your consent. You can withdraw such consent at any time by a simple statement.

If you do not wish to receive SkyUp Airlines newsletter by e-mail, you can click on the special unsubscribe link that is provided under each message.

The collection of certain personal information is necessary for you to gain access to certain services or services (special food, medical care, etc.). You can exercise your right to refuse to collect and use such information, however, such actions may result in the inability to gain access to such services or services.

In accordance with French and international law, the absence or inaccuracy of certain personal information may result in refusal to board or enter the territory of another state (for example, by decision of the customs service), and SkyUp Airlines is not responsible for this bears.

The convenience of SkyUp Airlines online services

SkyUp Airlines is constantly striving to improve its electronic services in order to facilitate access to it from its current and potential customers and visitors. For example, the SkyUp Airlines website on the Internet provides round-the-clock access to booking and purchasing airline tickets.


In order to constantly update the quality of services offered by the site and meet your expectations, SkyUp Airlines may use cookies to help determine the device from which you are connecting to one of our services.

By entering the SkyUp Airlines website, its mobile website or mobile applications, you acknowledge that you have read the information that you have been provided with about the irreversibility of actions aimed at obtaining access to personal data via electronic communication channels that are already stored on your electronic device (electronic communication device) and the recording of such data on this device (cookies). You also confirm that you have become familiar with the methods of refusing these actions that are at your disposal. You also acknowledge that the relevant parameters of your browser contain your consent to the use of cookies.

For more information on the use of cookies by SkyUp Airlines, please visit Cookie policy.

Electronic Security / Transactional Security

SkyUp Airlines' priority is to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information that you trust us. We also take all necessary precautions regarding the personal information that you transfer to us and the risks to which it is exposed as a result of its processing, to ensure its security, in particular, to protect it from distortion, damage or contact with third parties not authorized to access to it. Thus, you can be sure that you are purchasing a ticket in a confidential and reliable way.

We offer an online payment system that is protected with the latest technology.

SkyUp Airlines is working hard to combat identity theft on the Internet. For this reason, in particular, we use a device for determining fictitious payment using bank cards. This device is designed to protect you in case of loss or theft of your credit card.

Security and confidentiality of personal information depend on everyone's right habits. Therefore, we recommend that you do not disclose your passwords to third parties, always log out of your account and accounts on social networks (in particular, if these accounts are connected), close the browser window at the end of work, especially if you use the Internet from a computer that other people use . Therefore, other users will not have access to your personal information.

We strongly recommend not transferring to third parties or publishing on social networks any documents issued by SkyUp Airlines and containing your personal data (boarding pass, ticket number, etc.).

General the terms of use of certain services and services available on the SkyUp Airlines website, on the mobile website and in mobile applications, contains more detailed information about the conditions for the collection and use of your personal information.

On various pages of the SkyUp Airlines website, you are offered the opportunity to click on links to go to other websites of third-party companies. On sites that are not related to SkyUp Airlines, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the processing and protection of personal information rules that apply on these sites, as these rules may differ from the rules applicable in SkyUp Airlines. Under no circumstances will SkyUp Airlines be liable for the processing of personal data on such third-party sites.


SkyUp Airlines reserves the right to amend the rules for the protection of personal data. We recommend that you regularly review the latest version of these rules.

This version was developed on December 1, 2016.

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