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Sagrada Familia temple

Sagrada Familia temple

One of the most magnificent creations of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Construction, begun in 1882, continues to this day. The stone elements of the building are produced according to a computer model and processed by hand. Completion of construction is planned in 2030. Then this temple will become the tallest in the world. The main facades of the church symbolize Christmas, the Glory and the Passion of Christ. The interiors of the cathedral are not inferior to its external decoration, so we recommend that you also look inside this architectural masterpiece.

Guell Park

Guell Park

This city park takes you back to your childhood in fabulous gingerbread houses. Another Gaudi masterpiece captivates with original facades, magic fountains, unusual staircases and a variety of bright colors. Whimsical figures and sculptural groups adorn the park and some of the houses around. One of the most interesting things is the figure of a fantastic lizard. It also houses the Gaudi House Museum.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter

The oldest quarter of the city and the historical center of Barcelona, in which the grandeur of medieval Gothic architecture takes tourists back to those distant times. The main dominants of the quarter are the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, erected in the 13th century, the Royal Square and the Great Royal Palace. Tapas bars, modern shops, clubs and restaurants line the winding streets on the ground floors of old houses. And the nightlife here rages until dawn!

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