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Unique Finikoudes beach, the heart of Larnaca and the pride of Cyprus.

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What to see in Larnaca

Finikoudes Beach

Finikoudes Beach

Fresh sea breeze, soft bright sand, and salty drops on the lips…and the sprawling and unique Finikoudes beach, the heart of Larnaca and the pride of Cyprus, before your eyes. Sounds like a dream that is so easy to make come true. Go out for the evening walk along the picturesque promenade and enjoy the incredible sunset. And do not worry that the sounds of the roadway will distract you from the dialogue with the sun and the sea, because the beach is noise-isolated with a dense row of date palms after which the promenade and the beach are named. For the purity of the sea and the coastal strip, the beach is annually awarded with the Blue Flag and the smiles of many happy people.

Larnaca Salt Lake

Larnaca Salt Lake

When it comes to the Larnaca Salt Lake, the locals remember the legend of St. Lazarus. They say he was walking near the vineyards and asked the owners for a bunch of grapes to quench his thirst, but stingy people refused him. Then Lazarus was angry and foretold that this land would become barren and would bear nothing but salt. The next day, instead of a fertile vineyard, people saw a salt lake. So the lake became a real miracle of nature. In summer, it dries completely and is covered with a thick crust of salt, which fascinates many tourists. And for a good reason!

Church of St. Lazarus

Church of St. Lazarus

The place to which all the roads of Larnaca lead and one of the most important monuments of the Byzantine Empire, the Church of St. Lazarus (Agios Lazaros) annually attracts many tourists. A place where body and soul rest, and a shrine where you can be enchanted by something really beautiful. Inside the church there is a small museum, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the objects of Byzantine religious art, wood carvings and iconostasis from the Baroque era. Go back tens of centuries ago in one second — it turns out it's absolutely real!

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