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Despite the fact that Burgas is the economic center of Bulgaria, the tourism sector is well developed here. There is a Seaside Park, which looks like a fabulous alley or a romantic pier on the Black Sea coast. Also, we cannot fail to mention the lakes, both in the city itself and around it. There you can observe birds of the Red Book and seasonal migrations of white storks and pelicans. Bulgaria is capable of surprising beauty, and SkyUp provides you with comfortable trips for new experiences:

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Burgas is the place of winged memories

Burgas is surrounded by three lakes:

Burgas Lake is the largest lake in Bulgaria, home to many animals and birds listed in the Red Book of the country. Its swampy areas serve as a pass during the seasonal migrations of white storks and pelicans, and this sight is mesmerizing and will be remembered forever.

Atanasovsko lake with the saltiest of the three lakes with water and mud enriched with minerals.

Lake Mandra, around which the Poda bird sanctuary is located.

How to get to the city  

You can take a city bus near Sarafovo airport and drive to the center of Burgas in 25 minutes. Tickets are sold by drivers for 0.5€*. The taxi service will provide a transfer in just 8 minutes, and its cost will be from 18€*.

What should you visit

Every year Burgas from April to September becomes the tourist capital of Bulgaria, because many tourists come here for a beach holiday and exploring new places. Among them:

Central beach with golden sand and absolutely clear water, stretching for 2 km along the coast. The bottom is gently sloping, so it's safe even for children to swim here.

Seaside park 7 km long. A walk along beautiful alleys past sculptures, fountains and bright flower beds will give you a good mood, and a visit to local cafes will allow you to taste national dishes. If you are on vacation with children, visit the zoo.

The Ethnographic Museum, located within the walls of the 19th century estate, reveals the peculiarities of folk craft and national costumes, as well as forms an idea of ​​the life of local residents in different historical eras.

Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius, built in the 19th century by the architect R. Toscani in the style of Western European churches and Byzantine outlines of domes.

The ancient settlement of Akve Kalide is a fortified Thracian settlement, once called Thermopolis. Famous mineral springs are located here, which were once visited by Philip of Macedon, Sultan Suleiman the Majestic and Emperor Justinian.

Where should I stay?

In Burgas, the cost of housing is influenced by the distance from the center: the further, the cheaper. A standard double room near the beach area costs from 14€*, and a family room costs from 17€*. Apartments for a family or a group of friends can be rented at a price of 17€*.

Where should I go nearby?  

Guests of Burgas can visit the neighboring resorts of Pomorie, Sozopol, St. Vlas, Nessebar, Ravda, Primorsko and Sunny Beach. We will also note the island of St. Anastasia in the Bourgas Bay, located 6 km from the coastline. There is an Orthodox church and a beautiful lighthouse on the island. Tourists love this place for the silence, fresh air and the opportunity to admire the endless sea.

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