Anastasia Polivach, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Anastasia Polivach, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines


I am a graduate of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University in Kropivnitsky. My specialty is economist of foreign economic activity in the field of organization of passenger and cargo transportation by air transport.

I had an interest in the flight attendant profession for a long time, but I became it partly by chance and thanks to my friend. In 2010, shortly before graduation from the Academy, my friend decided to tie her career to the sky and gathered for an interview in Kyiv. I was called for company. I got curious, and I agreed. I thought I'd fly for a couple of years - see the world, talk to different people.

Now I'm looking back, and I realize that almost ten years have passed. I also understand that it is difficult for me to imagine myself in another sphere with a completely different schedule and daily routine. I am very fond of my work.  

It took 2.5 months to train as a flight attendant, including trainee flights under the supervision of an instructor. Very interesting and useful were practical classes on first aid, rules of use of rescue equipment. It was fun and exciting. Very pleasant memories.

I still remember my first flight as if it was yesterday. January 4th, 2011, flight to Stockholm. I remember how many cheat sheets I made for myself, how I was worried at the pre-flight briefing, answering the instructor's questions. In the end, everything turned out to be fine. The flight went very well. 

And the funniest situation happened to me on the flight New York - Kiev. One of the passengers got on board with a raccoon, which was recorded in the ESAN category - an animal necessary for emotional support of the passenger in flight. Usually this category includes dogs, cats, but this was the first time in my practice. 

Mom and I have a mandatory ritual. Before and after the flight, I always call her, and we say our "cherished" words to each other.


Working at SkyUp

SkyUp caught my attention as soon as it appeared on the market. I was amazed at how fast it was growing and developing. One of the advantages was a young airline fleet.

And when I came to the interview, the warm atmosphere, the positive attitude and the powerful energy of the people I saw finally convinced me that I wanted to be part of this young, inspired team and contribute to the development of this airline. 

I believe that the flight attendant is a very versatile profession. There is a special romance here. For example, the incredible beauty of sunrises and sunsets, the opportunity to see the northern lights. But there are also more serious moments.

Self-control, focus, seriousness, ability and desire to find common language with people are important for the flight attendant. Of course, health and education also play an important role. The knowledge of several foreign languages is welcome. It is very important to love people, because during the day we communicate with a huge number of passengers. Many have their requests, problems, moods. And here without love and friendliness it can be quite difficult to understand, help or guide the passenger in any matter. For example, one day a passenger asked me: "Why are the engines making so much noise? Is there any way to turn them off?". 😊

The hardest thing for me is night flights with 3-5 a.m. departures. Even with a good rest, the body is still stressed in this case.

I know there are afraid to fly. In order to postpone the flight more comfortably, I would advise not to sit near the porthole, try to distract yourself with a film, a book, a game. Avoid information about plane crashes, better be interested in statistics. It is reliable proof that air transport remains the safest way to travel. Some passengers may resort to alcohol - it is better not to do this. It only makes things worse most often. If there are no sedatives at all, it is advisable to use them under medical supervision. 

If one day I had to change my profession, there is no way I would change my field of activity.

Aviation is my life.


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