Anna Zerniy, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Anna Zerniy, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines


My history with SkyUp started last spring. But then I was working as a teacher and could not leave the kids in the middle of the school year - I had to bring my groups. So, I waited until the fall of 2019 just to send in my CV. I hadn't been answered for about a week, and I was already humbled when the long-awaited call came out and I was invited to an interview that I had with flying colors! Next, there was VLEC (Medical and Summer Expert Committee) and training.

I remember my first flight as an intern very well. I was madly worried, I tried to think ahead all possible questions from instructor Yuli Shikova. But this excitement was unnecessary - the flight was great! The guys from the crew supported, helped, and told everything, for which they were very grateful!


Working in SkyUp

SkyUp is a young developing company, so I wanted to get here. Positive feedback from passengers and employees also attracted: it was obvious that the airline hears and supports each employee.

The crew is your family, whose members worry about you, consult, and solve any issues together. And we all love family members with all our hearts ♥.

For people who are afraid to fly, I suggest flying more with SkyUp. You'll see that it's not scary at all, even the opposite is nice, thanks to professional pilots, charming flight attendants and high-level service.

I love my job for everything, just for everything. You develop together with your colleagues and the airline, make friends, communicate with interesting people, get experience, learn from mistakes.


The subtleties of the profession.

To enter this profession, it is important to be friendly and responsible - these, in my opinion, are the main qualities. Everything else will be taught, everyone will tell you, and you will become a professional! But love for heaven arises in the blink of an eye.

Of course, there are complications - but it all depends on our attitude to the "complicated". I always go on a flight with a smile, so there are few difficulties. You can cope with everything, I believe.

It is very important to maintain good health with constant flights. Before the flight, I do not eat any harmful food to avoid food poisoning; I try to sleep longer to have enough strength; just before leaving I turn on my favorite playlist for a positive charge. So, I'm ready to fly out in good health and in a great mood!

It is believed that the flight attendant is one of the most romantic professions. And it certainly is. Sunsets, sunrises, new locations, boundlessly blue sky and seas, sparkling blue of different shades. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in the flight attendant's work. Sleepless nights, heavy flights, fatigue, and many other factors are hidden from prying eyes.

In every flight, there are difficult and strange situations. But there are also funny situations. One day a passenger flying from a rest asked me which way the huge handle on the front door of L1 turns. All the calming phrases burst through my head instantly, hoping to save her life. I kept trying to figure out why she had to go overboard at minus 55˚C. The answer was simple: the girl was just looking for the restroom. I pointed at the right door with a smile on her face.


I'm not going to change my current profession; it hurts that I like her. But if for some reason I have to do earthly things, I will choose teaching, because the love for languages in my heart is forever.





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