Bogdan Boktyayev, first officer of SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Bogdan Boktyayev, first officer of SkyUp Airlines


Becoming a pilot was my conscious decision. And I helped in that movie.

In 11th grade, I started thinking about my future profession. One night, switching TV channels, I came across the movie "Catch Me If You Can". Decisive was an episode when Frank Abignale used the image of a pilot, "working" for one of the largest American airlines Pan American. He was very clear about the nuances and features of the job. To explore the situation, I went to an open day at National Aviation University. When we were brought to the hangar, and I saw a Tu-154 in front of me, I immediately realized - I want to drive such a huge machine. That summer, I got into NAU.

Aviation is a field where everything changes every year. You must learn all the time. After graduation from university, in order to get a job, I had to take a course in piloting a Boeing 737. I took a cadet program in Lithuania, and six months later - a SkyUp interview.

Work at SkyUp.

SkyUp is a young, dynamically developing Ukrainian company. I like that here young pilots are given the opportunity to realize their dreams. For me, this company is an example of European approach and excellent attitude to each employee. Here is a responsive boss, a great team, excellent planes, excellent conditions in business trips. It's so expensive, such companies are very few.

My favorite route is Kiev - Batumi. The flight is short, beautiful landscapes - mountains and sea - on the way down. The most bewitching thing is coming from the sea: on the left - Batumi, with its beautiful coast, on the right - mountains, and under you - the sea. It's inexpressible. 

My favorite stage of the flight at the same time and the most difficult one is landing. The feeling when you turn off the autopilot, take control, watch all the parameters, parry deviations, and then listen to the voice announcement of the radio alarms about the approaching land "fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten", feel the touch and opening of the reverse - cannot be described by words!


About aviation

I believe that people go to the aviation only because they love her. So do surgeons. Nothing good can happen without love. A pilot must have a clear mind, critical thinking, good health, be brave and responsible. 

I conducted my first flight as a pilot on October 27, 2015 at the airfield "Bila Tserkva". The first airplane I flew myself was Tecnam P2002. The day before the flight I called my instructor, and we briefly discussed how our flight would go. At the end of the conversation, he told me: "Okay, I think we talked about everything. Oh, and most importantly, I'm going to give you an "injection" tomorrow, after which you will never "be cured" again. That's what happened, after that flight I literally got sick with aviation. 😊

I advise young pilots to improve themselves, constantly read, learn something new. Without knowledge, there is no chance to get into aviation. You need to work hard on yourself and, of course, believe in achieving your goal.

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