Konstantin Tsimbalistov, Chief of Operations and Coordination Center of SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Konstantin Tsimbalistov, Chief of Operations and Coordination Center of SkyUp Airlines


I’m sometimes asked why I chose aviation. But in real aviation chose me. My grandfather is a military aviation technician, my brother is the captain of Boeing 777. These are the men of my kin that I wanted to look up to. Aviation made us even closer. I wanted them to be proud of me and in my opinion, I’ve succeeded.

Aviation differs from all other spheres in its thoughts about the sky, the incredible beauty of sunsets and sunrises at an altitude of many kilometres, romance and especially, the speed of movement on our beloved planet.

The beginning

It started out simple. A failure at the intro, one year of preparation and a second attempt. It was a challenge but I passed it. I wanted to fly but when I was young I made a lot of mistakes that prevented me from becoming a pilot. Instead of piloting I started planning routes. Not flying but still closer to the sky.

Working at SkyUp

I remember the interview and the wait for two months while being worried and observation of the development of the company during this period. I quit my previous job without having confirmation of employment at SkyUp. I really wanted to work for SkyUp. And I’m here now. A desire that has already been nurtured by seniority has not disappeared.

OCC (Operations and Coordination Centre) and its functions

OSS is the coordinator and real assistant for pilots and crews in all aspects of flight safety, routes, documentation. Also a listener and a pleasant communicator in all matters related to aviation.

My job as a supervisor is to organize the work of dispatchers correctly and competently, their workloads and, of course, to monitor the emotional, physical and psychological condition of every employee of my favourite team, give as much support as necessary to everyone and relating to everything. It’s a joke, of course, but there’s some truth in it J

Advantages of the profession, dreams, wishes

In my work I love this balance between spontaneity and clear planning, routine and unexpected twists. And then there’s the possibility of always being yourself. Being human. Regardless of any achievement, failure, opportunity.

There are curiosities in the work. Well, we can’t actually live without them. But let’s put it off for the next time.

There is, of course, a dream. The ultimate one :) My wife helps to frame her as a goal, divide it into tasks and to finally get a result. I don’t mind because the happy sparks in my relatives’ eyes inspire to obtain new achievements.

I wish my colleagues to follow their dream. Listen to your heart. Combine your inner motives and desires with the real possibilities that exist here. Don’t be afraid to risk. It’s better to make a bump than to sit in a corner and watch the opportunity disappearing. There’s always support in my team. I wish you could find it for yourself in our company.


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