Oleg Gaevoy, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Oleg Gaevoy, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines


I'm a banker by education, but I haven't worked for them for a single day because I don't imagine myself as an office worker. I always knew that my job would involve people. In 2011, my sister started working as a flight attendant and was constantly talking with delight about her profession, passengers and travel. For me at the time, it all seemed unreal, like life in another dimension.

And then, in 2018, I started working at the airport in Lviv and got to know aviation closer. Six months later I saw a flight attendant vacancy in the social network and realized I wanted to try it. On the same day I sent my resume and, in a few days, I successfully passed all stages of the interview.

Working at SkyUp

During my first solo flight, I felt excited and responsible, and happy that my history in aviation had begun.

I love my work for the dawn at an altitude of 11,000 meters, for the schedule that allows me to wake up in Kiev, for an afternoon swim in the Red Sea, and a few hours later for dinner with my family in Lviv. Like most people, I love summer, sunshine and warmth, so my favorite destinations are Sharm el Sheikh, Sharjah and Sanya.

There are also unusual situations, and this is the hardest part of my job: drunk passengers, conflict moments, first aid. Sleepless nights aren't easy either. To feel good, be sure to rest before and after flights, drink a lot of water during the flight, and most importantly - keep a good mood.

I've had funny stories, too. One day, at the beginning of my work, I left my flight documents in the back kitchen and left off. When I came back, I saw that the service doors were open, and all my documents were flying on the platform. Thanks to the air security staff, we were able to assemble them quickly. Since then, I've kept all my flight documents in closed niches.


As I walk towards my goal.

I consider stress resistance, responsibility, organization and teamwork skills to be important qualities for a flight attendant. The crew is just about coordinated work together, about interaction, about common goals and tasks. This is my second family.

Why SkyUp? Because it's an ambitious airline with a young fleet, it develops quickly, sets goals and achieves them.

I have this ritual: every time I get on an airplane, I touch it, I say hello and wish us a good flight.

If you ask my advice how not to be afraid to fly, I will remind you that airplanes are the safest means of transportation. Take advantage of the support of a loved one, and try to distract yourself from watching a movie, listen to music, play games.



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