Vlad Makarchuk, SkyUp Airlines flight attendant

Hi, I'm - Vlad Makarchuk, SkyUp Airlines flight attendant


I've loved the sky since my first flight as a passenger. I wasn't scared, I was carried away by everything that was happening on board. And after landing, I realized that planes were love. I'm a philologist, but all the time at the university I was thinking about flying. At the time, I couldn't work in aviation, I had a curved nasal septum. In this case, it is impossible to work as a flight attendant, because there can be problems with breathing. And to make my dream come true, I decided to do the surgery. And then I sent my CV to SkyUp. I think that there is a certain, separate category of people going to aviation - those who always raise their heads to the sky when they hear that the plane is flying. This is the category I belong to.


Working at SkyUp

I didn't consider other companies. This is the youngest fleet in Ukraine and the fastest development. But most of all the atmosphere bribes.


My CV was reviewed and invited to an interview. So, I pulled out my lucky ticket, simulated one of the critical situations that can happen on board. Everything was like the exam at 😊 Then they called me back and said the words I had been waiting for, "You've been selected!


After that, there was a very intensive training. Classes were held every day from 9:00 to 18:00 for a month. We were lecturing, and on the way home we were teaching all this, finishing it at home and repeating it again and again in the morning on the way to school :). It was much harder than studying at university. The second part was practical, on simulators: emergency situations, evacuation of passengers, rescue of people in the pool.


And then the first flight. It's not just emotions, it's euphoria. You have already passed all the stages of selection and training, passed all the exams and are proud to stand in the cabin and meet passengers! Unforgettable!


I love the work for the rhythm: in the morning you are in Kiev, in Egypt in the afternoon, and in the evening - somewhere else. Wake up at 3:00 a.m. and get ready for the flight? Get out at 00:00 and work all night without sleep? Yes, it is difficult. But when passengers smile, thank you for the flight and tell you how cool it was, it immediately relieves fatigue and is very inspiring. Once I got into aviation, I realized that this is what I really want to do, to be high. Now I have a new dream. I see my further development in the industry and it is quite possible that I will soon become a pilot :)

You want to fly with SkyUp Airlines?

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