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The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, with its millions of inhabitants, reminds of several cities with their own specificity, united together. Where else can you go down the green hills from the noisy central Khreshchatyk into a real forest on the island in just a few minutes? From the funky bars of Podil to the calm Lypky district, one can find personal Kyiv for every mood.


How to move

The airport is located 37 km from the city center. You can choose between several ways to get there:

SKYBUS is a special bus that goes to the Central Railway Station with a stop at the Kharkivska metro station. The schedule is quite convenient: every 15-20 minutes during the day and every 30-40 minutes at night. Depending on the complexity of the traffic in Kyiv, the journey will last about an hour. A single trip will cost a little over $3*, and a ticket can be purchased from the driver.

Kyiv Boryspil Express is an express train. The trip lasts 35-40 minutes and costs about $3*.

Taxi. This way is quick and convenient, but more expensive. The trip will cost about $10-15* depending on the time of day. Bolt and Uber also operate in the city.

Kyiv has  quite developed public transportation network: metro, trolleybuses, trams, buses and route taxis. However, it is much more pleasant to walk in the center. Still one thing you should definitely try is Kyiv funicular. It will cost only $0.3* to climb the hills.

What to See

Kyiv is the best city for explorers. It will take a lot of time to reveal all its secrets, and it simply impossible to do it in a few days. Nevertheless, definitely some places here can help to feel the atmosphere of Kyiv.

— Take a walk along Khreshchatyk. The main street of the country with many cafes, restaurants and shops. Large-scale architectural ensembles and legendary Kyiv chestnuts.

Andriyivskyy Descent is as much popular as Khreshchatyk. There is also an amazing St. Andrew's Church there, with a view of the Dnipro River next to it.

Late night Podil is a key party district of the city. All the best bars and nightclubs are located here. However, you will also not get bored during the day, as you can walk along the old streets or look at Kyiv from the Ferris wheel on Kontraktova Square.

— Kyiv is known as a city of parks, and it's true. From the central Mariinsky or Taras Shevchenko Park to the Golosiivsky one, situated further on, all of them are worth of attention. The same as the botanical gardens of Kyiv, with three of them in the city.

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is one of the oldest church complexes in the capital with interesting museums located on its territory.

Mystetskyi Arsenal (Arts Arsenal) is the largest national center for contemporary art, located directly opposite the aforementioned Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. If it is worth going there for history, then here – for the spirit of a nowadays Ukraine.

Opera theatre. It is worth visiting for the sake of both classical shows, and their modern variations. The ticket costs from $2* to $20*.


The city has a developed gastro-culture. From traditional Ukrainian cuisine to street fast food, Kyiv is literally proposes tasty dishes at every turn.

Coffee will cost from $2*, and a full dinner for two at a local restaurant – from $35*.

Explore (things to see out of the city)

The Kyiv Sea is a large-scale reservoir north to the city.

— Take a yacht sail south along the Dnipro river to see small islands and cozy bays.

Chernobyl: organized tours to the ghost town of Pripyat are safe and depart directly from Kyiv.

Kyivan Rus Park. The center of culture and history is located 30 km from Kyiv, where the atmosphere of ancient times with knights and campaigns is recreated.


There are many options for accommodation in Kyiv: from luxury hotels and trendy hostels in the center, to more cozy locations away from noisy entertainment area. A family room in the central part of the city will cost about $50* per night. Apartments can be found from $40*, but the price range is wide enough.

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