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Ukraine’s educational and cultural capital will enchant you with its ancient architecture, cobblestone roads, establishments boasting their own interesting peculiarities, and the local inhabitants’ hospitality. Start your voyage with a comfortable flight with SkyUp:

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Lviv, Ukraine's historical and cultural gem

Discover the beauty of the Baroque and Rococo style cathedrals, as well as the ancient city center included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, taste the most delicious chocolate and enjoy walking along cozy streets with pleasant cool shades. The climate here is mostly moist continental, with average summer daily temperature reaching 18-24 degrees and such a characteristic feature as the Lviv drizzle, which is actually moderate thin rain. The city has few parking lots, so keep that in mind if you plan to rent a car.

How to get to the city

From the Lviv airport’s new terminal there is a direct bus to the downtown area, the fare is $0.15*. Another way is the comfortable taxi with the cost of a ride starting at $2-3*. If you plan to get out of town to see the Lviv Region, you better rent a car.

Places worth visiting

Lvov's monuments and interesting places are perfectly capable of winning your admiration and remaining in your memory forever:

The High Castle park situated on top of the Castle Hill. There used to be a fortress in that place with weapons kept in it. And nowadays this is the most romantic place offering a splendid view of the city.

The Lviv Coffee Mine. The legendary underground coffee house with the interior of a mine where, as the legend goes, the tastiest coffee is extracted. Here you can taste and buy more than 30 varieties of the drink.

The Catholic Dominican cathedral erected in the 18th century in the Baroque style by the Dominican Order is the city's oldest Baroque monument.

The Gasova Lampa (Kerosene Lamp) restaurant and museum devoted to the invention of the kerosene lamp. The establishment is famous for its collection of such lamps which is almost the largest one in Europe.

The Rynok Square with its ancient block pavement, four fountains, and buildings listed as historical monuments: the Bandinelli Palace, the Black Stone House, the Venetian House, the Adreoli Passage.

The Lviv Chocolate Workshop where they make the tastiest chocolate, fragrant coffee, sweet souvenirs, and many other kinds of chocolate treats.

Where to stay

Lviv has hotels for any taste: both modern ones and establishments located in buildings from UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The price for a comfortable room for two starts at $20*, and for a family room, at $45*. Lviv’s top 10 hotels by are: Tsisar, Opera Center, Jan in Gnatyuk Street, Aparthotel Z-One Hub Apartments, Family Residence Boutique Hotel.

What to visit nearby

The Lviv Region is famous for its castles. You can visit them on your own or take tours. The most impressive ones are the Pidgoretsky, Zolochivsky, Svirsky, and Olesky castles. From Lviv it is convenient to travel to the Carpathians, the mountain groups with giant pine trees and many health resorts.

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