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The capital of Catalonia, the cradle of Gaudi's architectural masterpieces, the city with the largest soccer field in Europe and the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast - all this about the majestic and colorful Barcelona. Feel the charm of Catalonia in the magical districts of this extraordinary city, and SkyUp will take care of an easy start to your journey:

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Barcelona is the tourist diamond of Catalonia

Barcelona falls in love from the first minute and is remembered for its ancient architecture, trendy neighborhoods, and superb beaches. Interestingly, the city has as many as 9 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ideal time for a vacation in Barcelona is from May to October when the daytime temperature is between 23⁰C to 29⁰C.

How to get to the city?

From the airport to Barcelona is about 20 km. The cheapest way is a shuttle bus that will take you to the city in 40 minutes and 2,15€*. Another way is a train that will take you 25 minutes and cost 2,40€*. Alternatively, take the Aerobus bus to the center in 35 minutes. The ticket will cost 5,90€*. For 4,50€* and 50 minutes to Barcelona, you can take the Metro. Cabs start at 40,00€* and take about 15 minutes.

It’s worth the trip

Barcelona is rich in cultural and architectural attractions:

The Sagrada Familia, designed by Antoni Gaudi, will last until 2030. The cathedral includes three facades, which symbolize the Nativity, the Glory, and the Passion of Christ. It is planned to be the tallest temple in the world.

Park Guell, where tourists are enchanted by houses with fabulous facades, original fountains, an unusually shaped staircase, mosaic patterns, and a variety of rich colors. There's also the Gaudí House Museum.

The Gothic Quarter is the center of Barcelona's history. The Cathedral, built in the 13th and 14th centuries. We also recommend visiting the Royal Square, the Grand Royal Palace, and the City Hall.

Mount Tibidabo overlooks the city. At 500 meters above sea level, there is the Temple of the Sacred Heart, famous for the statue of Jesus embracing the world. On the mountain, there is the Toy Museum, the oldest amusement park in Spain, and the Botanical Gardens.

The Aquarium de Barcelona is one of the largest in Europe. The complex consists of 35 themed aquariums. There is an 80m long tunnel that runs along the bottom of the Oceanarium.

Where to stay?

The best options for tourists are the Eixample, the Gothic Quarter, El Born, Poble Nou, Raval, Gracia, Barceloneta. They have the most attractions, hotels, stores, and restaurants, as well as the closest location to the beaches. A standard double room starts at 28,00€*, and a family room starts at 50,00€*. On average, a comfortable double room in a hotel near the beach costs 80,00-120,00€*.

Where to go nearby? 

On the mountain of Monserrat, 50 km from Barcelona, is the Monastery of the same name. Tourists and pilgrims from all over the world come here to visit the statue of the Black Madonna, who is reputed to be able to heal. Those who like ancient architecture may be interested in the city of Girona, and fans of rest in nature will like in the park Colzerola.

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