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Bratislava is an excellent choice for a weekend trip. The small European capital attracts tourists with lovely old architecture, tranquility, and observation decks. You can observe the city and enjoy the view of the super-wide Danube.

Getting ready for the road

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From airport to the city

You can get to the center from Bratislava Airport by bus No.61 (runs to the central railway station) and No.96 (final stop in the Petrzalka district). Bus No.61 runs at night. Tickets prices are the same as for all public transport.


Almost all standard modes of transport run in Bratislava: buses, trolleybuses, trams, and trains. See the schedule here. One of the undoubted advantages is the availability of night routes.

As in many European cities in Bratislava, tickets are valid for a specific time with unlimited vehicle changes. A ticket for € 0.9 is valid 30 minutes, for € 1.3 - 60 minutes, and for € 2.10–2.50 – 90 minutes. The principle applies here: the longer the ticket is valid, the more transport zones it covers. To avoid confusion, remember that the city boundaries are zones 100 and 101, then the suburbs begin.

You can also buy one-day (€ 4–6.9), three-day (€ 9), and seven-day (€ 12) tickets as well as a seven-day ticket, which several people can use, costs € 15.6.

Tickets can be purchased in paper, electronic (with a 10% discount), and SMS formats (valid only for zones 100 and 101 and no more than 24 hours).

Interesting historical places

It would be best to start your walk over Bratislava from the small old town. Pay attention to the spire-shaped St Martin's Cathedral, where Maria Theresa was crowned, as well as the amazing Primate's Palace.

We advise you to walk along Baštová and Kapitulská streets. There are cute old buildings here, and besides Baštová is considered the narrowest street in Bratislava. Follow these streets to the Michael's Gate, the dome of which was greened over time and is visible from afar. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city because has been preserved since the Middle Ages. You can go upstairs to watch Bratislava from a height.

Bratislava Castle is another place with a panoramic view of the city. It is also a museum where you can explore the thousand-year history of Slovakia. However, the castle was restored from ruins in the 20th century. But this fact does not negate the uniqueness of the exhibits collected in the museum.

And to consolidate the memories of the city view from a height, climb the bridge support across the Danube. It is also called the UFO bridge because of the shape of this support.


Bratislava establishments serve many varieties of soups, the main ingredients of which are beans, sauerkraut, and smoked meats. Among the meat dishes, it is worth trying spishska pohutka (goulash with mushrooms and potato pancakes) and fried duck with sauerkraut. And strudels are popular among the desserts here.

And if you wish, you can try slivovitz (plum vodka) and borovička (juniper vodka).


A modest room in Bratislava can be rented from € 35, but the suites cost from € 100. You can also rent a cozy apartment from € 40.

Where to go nearby

Another castle is in the suburbs of Bratislava – Devín. The first mention of this castle dates back to the second half of the 9th century. Dilapidated stone fortifications spread out on a hill with an incredible panorama of the river and mountains in the distance.

The capital of Slovakia is also convenient because from here you can quickly get to Vienna and Budapest. So you have the opportunity to visit two more countries.

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