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The most European of all the Eastern and the most Eastern of all European cities. Istanbul has intrigued and attracted travelers from all over the world for centuries. Always open to new and unknown. And what about you?


Getting ready for the journey

Istanbul from Kharkiv is actually a stone's throw away. Just 2 hours on the wings of SkyUp — and you are there, in one of the most interesting cities in the world.

The convenient flight programme is ideal for frequent short trips: for a romantic weekend with a loved one, for shopping, just to unwind and take a walk or indulge in culinary hedonism for a few days. The choice is large, and Istanbul is so diverse that every time it will open up in a new way and hold something special in order to surprise and make you fall in love with it even more.

You can start celebrating your vacay right on the board. SkyUp menu has enough refined dishes and delicious desserts for this. You can order them when booking a ticket on the airline's website or follow-up order in your personal account later, but no more than 32 hours before departure.

From the airport to the city

It will take about 1 hour to get from the airport to the city. You can get there by taxi expecting at least €25-55* for the trip, but it is safer to order a transfer in advance when booking a hotel. It will cost from €20-25*. The most budgetary, albeit the longest in time, option is a bus, the trip will cost an average of €3*.

Istanbulkart will become an indispensable thing for those who plan to travel a lot around the city. This is a pass for most types of transport, which is easy to replenish with the required amount and conveniently pay while traveling. The cost of the basic non-personalized Anonim Istanbulkart including the first minimum mandatory top-up is €1.3*, one trip costs from €0.3*. You can buy a card at special vending machines right at the airport.

There are plans to open a metro station at the new Istanbul airport by the end of 2021, making it even easier to get to the city.

What to see

Sultanahmet is the historical centre of the city. Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern (Cisterna Basilica), Grand Bazaar — all these can be seen in one stroll, if there is very little time and there are many plans.

For culture and entertainment, you should go to Taksim and Beyoglu. Here you will see a new, European city with a bunch of the best shops, art galleries, antique shops, and cafes. If you get here, it is worth taking a look at the Galata Kulesi (Galata Tower) and trying fish dishes in one of the Karakai restaurants. Although street food is still a real gastronomic attraction in Istanbul. You should taste at least fresh simit bagel (€0.25*), fragrant doner and balyk ekmek — per €1* each on average. Average prices for lunch are about €6* for one person, dinner for two will cost about €20*.

Coming to Istanbul and not shopping is a real crime. Therefore, go to the Asian part of the city, Kadikoy. This is where the most luxurious shopping malls, clubs, and restaurants of Istanbul are located. If you travel without unnecessary things, you can take with you several kilograms of purchases without additional surcharges on the way home, because in the cheapest SkyUp Economy Basic fare the allowed free hand luggage is 9 kg.

And for complete relaxation in Istanbul, you should go to the hammam. If you dare to try it, go to the best one, Galatasaray hammam in the Taksim area.

Where to stay

There cannot be any problems with the choice of placement. In Istanbul, hotels, apartments, and hostels are almost everywhere with prices and conditions for every taste and budget.

Average prices for hotels of moderate comfort (3-4 stars) are €30-100* per night. You can stay in the hostel for €10* per night.

Getting rid of organizational hassle is easy if you choose one of our CityBreaks from Kharkiv to Istanbul — the price includes a round-trip ticket and accommodation in a cozy hotel for a reasonable price.

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We at SkyUp want your trip to be comfortable and beautiful, and that you completely relax, forget about any worries and set out to relax already in the cabin.

SkyInterior on our sides SkyUp is one of the reasons why it is so pleasant and comfortable to fly with us. This is an integrated approach to the design of the aircraft cabin, which is based on the principles of ergonomics, rationalism and, of course, comfort.

aircraft interior
aircraft interior
aircraft interior
  • In the design of the interior panels of the cabin there are no sharp corners, it creates additional protection;
  • There are comfortable LED backlights for reading;
  • Recessed buttons to call the flight attendant make it impossible to accidentally call;
  • Inside, the new configuration of luggage racks is more spacious and comfortable.

The main and really impressive effect, which is noted by absolutely everything - is the multi-colored interior lighting, which is selected depending on the phase of flight. The colors change very smoothly within a few minutes and create an inconspicuous calming and relaxing effect during the flight.

In the night phase of the flight, the light is turned off; for comfort, only the pleasant blue Sky Skylight remains, which somewhat resembles the light of the moon. At dawn, when the time to wake up, the color of the backlight changes to orange-pink - the color of the rising sun.

SkyUp offers to enjoy the comfort of modern lounges and feel the incredible emotions during the flight. After all, the journey must begin beautifully, do you agree?

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