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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has something to surprise every tourist. In the city, you can take part in business events, try national cuisine, relax on the beach, and visit temples of ancient architecture.

Getting ready for the road

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From airport to the city

The airport is located 19 km from Tel Aviv. At the stop at exits 21 and 23 of Terminal 3, take the free shuttle bus No. 5, and at the Airport City stop, change the route in the desired direction. A minibus is a more expensive but faster option ($ 10–13). They run 24/7 and stop anywhere on a route on request. And the third option is a train (from the station at the airport, $ 4.4 per ticket).


You can explore the city by traveling by bus, minibus, and train. The fare depends on the distance you need to travel. On average, a ticket costs $ 2–4. Also, keep in mind that most carriers do not run on Shabbat (from Friday evening to Saturday evening, except for some buses and minibuses, which run for free during this period). That is, getting to the place you need can be more difficult.

Interesting historical places

Start exploring Tel Aviv from where the city’s history began – from the ancient town-district of Jaffa. Stroll the narrow streets, view the clock tower, look at old buildings, and visit small souvenir shops.

We recommend visiting the Saint Nicholas Monastery of 1654 and finding the orange tree in a hanging pot in the same area. It is significant for the citizens and symbolizes a folk without roots. And if you want to buy souvenirs or vintage trinkets, take a look at the Flea Market.

Then visit the Neve Tzedek district. Here you will find cozy restaurants, low-rise houses in pastel colors, and a theater. Then take a walk among the widest park Yarkon, which leads directly to the sea.

It may also be interesting to stroll to the old Mitham Ha Tahan railway station, which the Turks built in 1892. Today it is a cultural center where you can eat tasty food, relax and go shopping.


Israel is the homeland of hamin (stewed potatoes with meat and chickpeas), hummus (chickpeas puree with sesame paste), falafel (chickpea puree balls, fried in oil, can be wrapped in pita bread with vegetables), and vorschmack (herring with onions and apples). Therefore, we recommend trying these dishes first. After that, you can enjoy traditional pomegranate juice fresh.


In Tel Aviv, you can live in a hostel ($ 20-40), in a regular hotel ($ 80-150), or in a suite (from $ 150-200). You can also choose an apartment or a house on Airbnb.

Where to go nearby

We advise you to go to the city of Caesarea. You can see the Roman amphitheater, the ruins of the Byzantine bathhouses, walk among the park reserve, and the square with giant statues. And finally to taste wines in the center of winemaking Zikhron Ya’akov.

We also recommend visiting the most expensive Israeli resort town of Herzliya and the “eighth wonder of the world”, the Bahai Gardens in Haifa.

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