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Serious, responsible and respected. Almaty is about mixed culture and the beauty of nature around. And although the city lost its capital status in 1997, it retained the greatness of the Tian Shan and friendly locals.


How to move

The airport is located 13 km from the city center.

The bus is the most convenient way to get to Almaty. And here you have many options, since it all depends on the desired point of arrival:

No. 92  — runs from 5:30 am to 10:30 pm. Has a short driving interval, so you don't have to wait longer than 5 minutes

No. 36  — will drive to the railway station

No. 86 and No. 41  — heading to the residential areas of the city

No. 3  — for those arriving at night. Runs from 10:00 pm to 6 am. However, it has a long interval  — prepare to wait about 40 minutes

Bus stops are located directly at the airport terminals. Estimated fare is €0.30*.

You can also take a taxi. Uber operates here, and the cost of a trip to the center will be about €4-5 *

In the city itself there is a quite authentic metro: 1 line, 6 stops.

We recommend just catching a car or moving by bus. There are enough of them here.

What to see

The highest ice arena Medeo. Two hours of skiing together with equipment rental will cost approximately €8*. Nearby there is a gondola ride to the top of the Chimbulak mountain. Therefore, even if you do not plan to ride, it is worth going here at least for the sake of the incredible landscape.

The next peak to be conquered is Kok Tobe. It is located within the city limits. In addition, there is a city amusement park, a zoo and a TV tower. There is also a monument in honor of The Beatles. You can get here on foot, by a special bus (about €1.5* there and back) or by a brand new cable car (€6* in both directions).

According to the classical program: there are a lot of museums, galleries, theaters and park areas. Here is an indicative list of things to do:

Central Synagogue

Theater ARTiSHOK. The main independent theater of the city

German drama theater

Beket Ata Mosque and Almaty Central Mosque

Arbat — a pedestrian street of the city

Park named after the First President


There are many authentic places, where you can taste local cuisine. The menus are full of oriental delicacies such as lagman, dolma and baklava. And prices for a hearty meal for one start at €6*.

The city has a developed coffee culture as well as a street food culture. A cup of coffee costs about €1*, and a quick snack — from €2*.

Explore (things to see out of the city)

The city is lucky with its location, as there is a huge number of incredibly landscape locations within a radius of literally 20-40 kilometers:

Lake Issyk — located in the Alatau gorge.

Turgenev gorge. There is an ostrich farm, an open-air museum and a trout farm.

Plateau Assy.

Chundzha hot springs and Charyn canyon.


Apartments in the city center cost about €45*. And a room in a hostel can be rented for €26*. The main thing is to take care of your accommodation in advance.

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