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Cheap flights from Kyiv (KBP) - to Barcelona (BCN)

Cheap flights from Kyiv (KBP) - to Barcelona (BCN)


We all know that kind of annoying beauties who succeed in everything. Barcelona is one of them. Perfect in its imperfection, it continues to top the world's travel ratings. A glass of cava on the Mediterranean coast, half a day at the Picasso Museum or sunrise in a noisy crowd of familiar strangers. You’ll get carried away by kissing, charming, and dancing.


How to move

From both terminals of the airport, metro, electric trains, and buses are available:

— All metro stations here are connected between each other with eleven branches. If you plan to actively use this particular type of transport, we recommend purchasing a universal T-10 ticket, which costs a little more than €10*. Line 9 runs from terminals T1 and T2 to the city centre. The cost of a single trip will be €4.5*.

— From T2, the Renfe Rodalies train takes you to the heart of Gothic.

— If arriving at night, look for the N16 bus. The final stop is Plaza Catalunya.

— By the way, you don't have to pay all the money in the world for a taxi. A kilometer will cost from €2*, but the price may vary depending on the time of day. There is no Uber we are used to, but there is a local alternative — Cabify.

— To get around the suburbs comfortably and quickly, take the Renfe Rodalies or Ferrocarrils trains.

What to see

The main thing here is not to panic, because you want everything at once. Here's a checklist of the city's main locations and activities.


Picasso Museum. Demanded and popular. It is not surprising: the earliest works of the artist are preserved here. In order to plan a visit, go on the official website.

CosmoCaixa or Science Museum.

MACBA or a huge museum of modern art. Entrance costs €11*, discounts for students apply.

Museum of the History of Catalonia.

Chocolate Museum.

Important locations and park areas

Citadel Park. Favorite location of the city: tangerine trees, colorful parrots, and ponds with birds.

Triumphal Arch. It was on the way out of the park. It is impossible to miss her: a wide alley with a crowd of people who want to take a beautiful photo and a pompous beauty in the very centre.

Sagrada Familia. We recommend taking an audio guide and planning your visit in advance on the official website.

— Next, sit down at the least touristy cafe next to the shrine, grab a cafe con leche and enjoy the atmosphere.

— In the late afternoon, when the city bids farewell to the sun for a while, head to the city's best panoramic location — El Carmen. From here, you can see the ideal streets of the Eixample, the Agbar Tower, the port, the Sagrada, the Cathedral, the skyscrapers of the Olympic Port, and Montjuïc.

Beaches. Favorite Barceloneta. Grab some sweets and a blanket. But if you are in the city in the summer, it is better not to meddle here. Get on the train and look for clear sea waters in the suburbs.


Tapas bars, restaurants, local cafes, and huge bars. The culture of delicious food is developed to the maximum.

If you want a hearty and tasty lunch, look for establishments like La Rita. Lunches and dinners are served here according to the “menu of the day” system. For example, for €12* you will receive the first, second, dessert, and drink.

Coffee and goodies in a small coffee shop cost €2-3*, and a cocktail in a bar costs €3-4*.

Explore (things to see out of the city)

Mount Montserrat and the monastery. This is a landscape piece of the Pyrenees 50 kilometers from the city. But going there is your tourist duty.

Buy a T-10 pass and head towards Catalunya metro station. Then transfer to the train (look for the R3 line, it is green). Do not forget to buy tickets for the mountain at the station: the cost of one ticket for an adult in both directions will be about €21*. Transfers are included in the final ticket price.


8 million tourists stay in Barcelona every year. This is a direct hint: it is better to take care about where to stay in advance. We recommend the following areas: Gracia, Eixample, El Born, Poble Sec, and Poblenou. And if you want to dive headlong into Gothic, then go to the Barri Gótic.

The cost of a place in a hostel starts from €17*, and a hotel room —  from €60*. The price varies depending on the area and season. Prices are the highest from April to October.

Book a flight

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* All prices in the text are as of the date of publication.

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