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Cheap flights from Kyiv (KBP) to Batumi (BUS)

Cheap flights from Kyiv (KBP) to Batumi (BUS)


Try to add the sea to the list of all the advantages of a holiday in Georgia. The result is an explosive mixture of gastronomic and esthetic pleasures. Batumi can be bypassed in an hour, but it cannot be described exhaustively. So let's get to the point.

To get around the city
You have several ways to get from the airport to the city center:


Bus. The stop is around the terminal, and the ticket costs about 4 UAH *. They run daily from 7:00 a.m. until midnight. In winter — until 20:00.


Taxi. The only option for night arrivals. There is no public transport at this time. So it is better to order a taxi online, then it will be cheaper - about 70 UAH *.


Rented car or transfer.

You can get around the city by bus for € 0.2 * or by taxi for € 0.25 *. But only get into cars with meters. Otherwise, you risk paying double the cost.

To see

There are three main squares here: Europe Square, Piazza Square and Theater Square.  The main tourist locations of the city are concentrated here.

Europe Square is a visiting card of the city, which is depicted on all tourist leaflets.

Piazza Square is the twin sister of Venice's Piazza San Marco. The architecture and style are appropriate.

And you need to walk to Theater Square because of the Drama Theater.

You won't have to look for the skyscraper of Batumi, it can be seen from every corner of the city. And don't forget to ride the funicular. It costs € 5*.

The port and long promenades along the embankment should become an obligatory part of the tourist program.

There is the Park of Miracles, a huge observation wheel and the sculpture of Ali and Nino.

To eat

Start with Adjarian khachapuri, continue with fresh fish and end the gastronomic tour with churchkhela somewhere near the embankment.

Batumi boasts a variety of cuisine, moderate prices and unique taste of its dishes.

For example, any khachapuri will cost € 0.3 *, a glass of saperavi - € 2 *, and a full three-course dinner in a restaurant by the sea - € 16 * for two.

To explore (things to see out of the city)

When the city seems familiar, it's time to explore its interesting surroundings. Keep your way to the Makhuntseti waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful in the Adjara region. Nearby is the beautiful fortress of Gonio.

A separate and very beautiful story is the Mtirala National Park. There are waterfalls, lakes, and mountain rivers here. Ideal for body and mind relaxation.

To stay

For those looking for authenticity, it's better to stay in the old part of the city. But the new quarters are full of decent options.
A bed in a hostel costs from € 16 *, and a night in a good hotel with breakfast starts from € 42 *.

Please note that summer in Batumi is the hottest season. Autumn, winter and early spring are the best times for a reasonable date with the city.

To book a flight

Kyiv — Batumi flights are available on the SkyUp Airlines website. Go ahead and choose the date you want. We fly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
We also provide an opportunity to purchase airline tickets Kyiv — Batumi by installments. Fly now, pay later.


* All prices in the text are as of the date of publication.




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