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Dubay worth to see

A city where the future is not expected because it is created every second. And when it seems that nothing can be higher, you’ll be convinced that there is no limit. Literally and figuratively, of course.

How to move
Traveling to any city begins with a transport issue, because whatever one may say, but getting to the hotel is wanted as soon as possible. Buses and metro run from the airport to the center of the city. You should purchase tickets in advance at the airport. They are not sold on public transport.

For the most comfortable movement, you can purchase a Nol Card. It allows you to pay for travel on any transport: buses, metro, trams, etc.

The metro opens at 5:50 am and runs until midnight (until 01:00 am on Thursdays and Fridays).

Night buses also run from 11:30 pm to 6:00 am.

Taxi prices are average. The cost of a 1-kilometer taxi ride around the city starts from 14 UAH. But don't forget about toll roads and keep this in mind when the driver gives the price.

What to see

Dubai is like a wonder of the world: large-scale shopping centers, extraordinary architectural solutions, and the latest engineering achievements. Everything is worth seeing, but here is a list of what you need to do anyway.

Start your exploration from artificial islands. For example, from Palm Jumeirah, a palm-shaped island with 16 leaves. From here, Dubai is in full view. By the way, you can walk here from the Dubai Internet City or Nakheel Harbor metro stations.

Artificial ponds are the next man-made must-see. Head to the huge Dubai Fountain Park right in the city center. Its area is 120 thousand square meters where you’ll get about the same amount of impressions. Light shows start at 6:00 pm and repeat every half hour. From here, walk to the Dubai Marina Canal in the same-named area. Better at sunset to take a leisurely stroll along the canal front.
Allocate time to visit the oasis in the middle of the desert. At Miracle Garden, thousands of plants bloom and dazzle in the 30-degree heat.

And, of course, Burj Khalifa. 163 floors and a spire 183 meters long. The tallest building in the world has three observation decks: on the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors. The cost of the lift starts from €32.

To see the main tourist mecca of the city, you’ll need to spend from €50. You can keep it within a smaller budget, it all depends on the tourist's appetite.


… because travel is not about impressions alone.
The food and culinary options are insane, from iconic street-food falafel restaurants to Michelin-starred restaurants. Therefore, everyone will find a location within their pocket.

A cup of coffee with milk costs from €4.

The average bill per person for a two-course dinner and dessert is €20.

Explore (things to see out of the city)
The city is surrounded by Emirates tourist treasures. Curl your fingers, or better yet, write down:

  • Abu Dhabi. The capital of the UAE, the cradle of its culture and traditions.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The one that is filmed, photographed, and published by thousands of bloggers from all over the world.
  • The Musandam Peninsula. It is called the Norway of Arabia. Therefore, feel free to come here to understand why and see all this beauty with your own eyes.
  • Ferrari World. This is a huge park with a Formula 1 track, opened in 2010.


Hostels, regular hotels, or luxury penthouses. All types of accommodation are suitable for an international city, so choosing a home for a short weekend or a long vacation will not be a problem. Choose the area you like and proceed to book. The average cost of a double room in a regular hotel reaches €28 per day. The hostel can be booked by €8-10 cheaper.

Book a flight

Kyiv — Dubai flights are available on the SkyUp Airlines website. Go ahead and choose the date you want. We start operating flights on 26 September.

We also provide an opportunity to purchase airline tickets Kyiv — Dubai by installments. Fly now, pay later.


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We at SkyUp want your trip to be comfortable and beautiful, and that you completely relax, forget about any worries and set out to relax already in the cabin.

SkyInterior on our sides SkyUp is one of the reasons why it is so pleasant and comfortable to fly with us. This is an integrated approach to the design of the aircraft cabin, which is based on the principles of ergonomics, rationalism and, of course, comfort.

aircraft interior
aircraft interior
aircraft interior
  • In the design of the interior panels of the cabin there are no sharp corners, it creates additional protection;
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  • Recessed buttons to call the flight attendant make it impossible to accidentally call;
  • Inside, the new configuration of luggage racks is more spacious and comfortable.

The main and really impressive effect, which is noted by absolutely everything - is the multi-colored interior lighting, which is selected depending on the phase of flight. The colors change very smoothly within a few minutes and create an inconspicuous calming and relaxing effect during the flight.

In the night phase of the flight, the light is turned off; for comfort, only the pleasant blue Sky Skylight remains, which somewhat resembles the light of the moon. At dawn, when the time to wake up, the color of the backlight changes to orange-pink - the color of the rising sun.

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