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Funchal is the administrative center of the Island of Madeira and its main port. You'll recognize the city by its beautiful mountains, white buildings with bright red roofs, ancient streets, and tropical gardens. Experience the Portuguese hospitality and charm of Madeira in colorful Funchal. SkyUp will take care of a comfortable flight to Funchal:

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Funchal is a year-round resort city 

Funchal has a very comfortable climate. In winter the temperature is from 17⁰С to 20⁰С during the daytime and at night, the temperature never drops below 14⁰C. In summer the daytime temperature rarely exceeds 25⁰C, and nighttime average temperatures  18⁰C. Interestingly, the water temperature is almost always the same as the air temperature during the day.

The most attractive feature of the city is its hills. To move between the different parts is convenient both on foot and by cable car. 

How to get to the city? 

There is an Aerobus bus from Madeira airport,  that will bring you to the center of Funchal in about 40 minutes. The ticket costs €5.00* and the routes go throughout the city. Also, taxis are always available near the airport. The fare will be from €25.00*, with a 20% plus at night.

Worth a visit

Funchal is divided into two parts: the old town and the modern district. All attractions are concentrated in the historic part. There are government buildings, grand mansions, churches, and cathedrals, as well as the world-famous wine house Blandy's. Among the sights of interest may be:

— The centuries-old Funchal Cathedral, which architecture is a symbiosis of Gothic and Romanesque styles. The wooden ceilings with carved patterns are something to be admired.

The fortress of Sao Tiago is next to the pier, built in the early 17th century. It is home to the Museum of Modern Art, which has a large collection of works by Portuguese artists. 

Mount Monte offers a bird's-eye view of the city. You can get there by cable car, and at the top, you can see what makes the mountain famous. 

Monte Palace. Peacocks walk freely in its tropical park, fish and swans swim in the ponds, and plants collected from all continents grow all around. The garden has sculptures and fountains and houses two exhibits. "African Passion," a collection of African figures, and "Secrets of Mother Nature," a collection of minerals from around the world. 

Where to stay?

Double rooms with good amenities near the city center here cost from €26.00*. Family apartments close to the seaside cost from €48.00*, and a three-bedroom comfortable suite near the beach from €65.00*. The average price for a double room in a good hotel with good service is €70.00-120.00 *. 

Where to go nearby?

Cape San Lorenzo is a natural protected area and the easternmost point of Madeira. Known for its out-of-this-world landscapes, a small oasis, and viewpoints overlooking the islands of Desertas. Cape Cabo Girao on the south coast, where a glass observation deck surrounded by eucalyptus forests and waterfalls overlooks the Atlantic.

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