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Lamezia Terme

Fifty years ago, several Italian villages decided to unite into the city for better development. This is how Lamezia Terme was formed. Now it can delight you with its ancient architecture, beach rest, castles, shopping, and thermal springs.

Getting ready for the road

You can get to sunny Italy with SkyUp in less than 3 hours. Choose a convenient fare and go to Lamezia Terme, feeling the care of our staff from the first seconds after booking.

The Basic fare allows you to take a piece of carry-on baggage and check in for a flight in 48 hours. With the Standard fare, you can change the departure date for an additional fee, take two carry-on items of baggage and baggage, as well as get a 10% discount on additional services. By choosing the Flex fare, you can change the departure date free of charge (up to 3 times), get a 20% discount on additional services, take two carry-on pieces of baggage and baggage, and check in for a flight for 30 days before departure.

Make your trip even more unforgettable with our menu, consisting of gourmet dinners, delicious rolls, and tender desserts. It`s possible to order meals no later than 32 hours before departure.

From airport to the city

The airport is only 1 km from the city so you can get to the center by bus. In particular, bus № 132 B1 or Autolinee Romano carrier will take you for about € 1.5. You can also go by dozens of trains. The number varies (depending on the departure time; from € 1.3) or by taxi (≈ € 25).


You can travel around the city by bus, a ticket costs ≈ € 1 and is valid for one hour, or by taxi (approximately 3 km trip costs ≈ € 10).

Interesting historical places

Start exploring the city from the historic district of Nicastro with colorful tiny houses in the southern Italian style. And also, you can go shopping here. Then go down the winding, hilly road from Nicastro to the modern city center.

In addition, visit the Bastion of Malta, built in 1550 to defend against the Ottomans. The walls of the massive tower are 5 meters wide.

And the relaxation program must necessarily include rest in one of the sanatorium and resort complexes, known for their thermal springs and water with healthful trace elements.

And do not forget about the sandy beach by the sea.


Be sure to try fresh seafood, Italian cheeses, and pastries. Treat yourself to olives and fish or octopus baked on the grill. Also, try the Italian dry sparkling wine Prosecco.

You can taste local bread, wine, and cheese at one of the main gastronomic centers in the Calabria region – in the Statti estate.


Hostels in the city are unpopular. Instead, a room in a two-star hotel costs from € 40, a four-star – from € 50.

Where to go nearby

Visit the city of Catanzaro, which is washed by the deep turquoise sea. Also look at the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, built in the 11th century and preserved, although destroyed several times by fires, earthquakes, and wars.

And in the city, there is the open-air museum Parco Della Biodiversità Mediterranea, where you can see modernists` sculptures. In addition, there is an archeological park Scollacium near the city, with ancient architectural finds and monuments.

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