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Madrid is the capital of the Spanish Kingdom, where the past of the Spanish Empire is reflected in the old city and the modern cosmopolitanism in the new one. The spacious squares and monumental buildings, built under the patronage of the monarchs, the huge cathedrals and churches, and the Royal Palace, reminiscent of Versailles, are the epitome of a strong and beautiful Madrid.

Even the titled Real Madrid FC has been named Real, which means "royal" - and that's so Spanish! See Spain in all its beauty in Madrid and SkyUp will take care of a good start to your adventure:

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Madrid is sunny and entertaining

The city is located in the center of the Castile Plateau. Summers are long, without precipitation, with temperatures up to 32⁰C. During the year there are 250 sunny days. Some say that it is easier to get a nice tan in Madrid than in most Mediterranean resorts.

Winters are cooler than in Barcelona: 3⁰C - 6⁰C degrees during the day. During snowfall, Madrid's official symbol on the Puerta del Sol - the figure of a bear cub reaching for a strawberry tree - looks like a fairy tale scene among snow-covered facades, about to start a miracle.

How to get to the city?

There are four ways to get from the airport to Madrid:

Metro for 4,50€ - 5,00€ *. The journey takes 8-12 minutes.

Bus for 5,00€ *. On the way - 40 minutes.

Suburban train for 2,60€ *. On the way - 38 minutes.

Taxi from 30,00€ *. Time - 15-20 minutes.

Worth a visit

Madrid attracts by the atmosphere of old Spain - fiery, powerful, confident, and irrepressible at the same time. Every monument is imbued with this energy and gives it to the visitors of the city:

Puerta del Sol Square, which is the center of the Iberian Peninsula, the site of Madrid's kilometer zero, and the home of the strawberry bear figurine. In addition, there are three magnificent statues and the old Post Office House.

The Royal Palace, which is considered one of the main attractions of the city. It has been built in the classical Baroque style, abounds with columns and boasts granite and white stone finishes. Inside, its walls are adorned with paintings by Velazquez, Caravaggio, and Tiepolo. There is also the Silk Room, displays of ancient weapons, and a collection of Stradivarius violins. After seeing the palace, we suggest a stroll through the Sabatini Gardens and Campo del Moro, which lead to the Manzanares River.  

— The oldest restaurant in the world, Sobrino de Botín was founded in 1725. Interestingly, the fire in its oven hasn't been stopped for 300 years. The most popular dish is Cochinillo asado - roasted suckling pig, but the rest of the menu here is also wonderful. Some recipes have been honed for centuries, so they can be considered perfect. 

— The Golden Triangle of the Arts. - That's the name of the three museums in Madrid, with works by famous masters from different times. The Prado with masterpieces by Bosch and Goya, the Queen Sofia Art Center with works in avant-garde style, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum with a collection of paintings spanning eight centuries are among the three. 

The Royal Botanical Garden is one of the largest in the world. It has more than 90,000 species of plants, of which 1,500 are trees. The garden was founded in 1755, and today it consists of seven parts and five greenhouses. The herbarium, with over a million specimens of various plants, may be of interest.

Where to stay?

Accommodation in Madrid is generally comfortable: standard rooms for a couple with a bathroom in the city center cost is from 37€*, and family apartments for 3-4 guests from 42€*. In popular hotels comfortable rooms with a beautiful view from the window cost on average 90-140 €*.

Where to go nearby? 

San Martin de la Vega is home to the Warner Brothers theme park, often compared to Disneyland Paris. Come here as a family and enjoy the rides, the spectacular shows, the themed areas with your favorite cartoon and movie characters.

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