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Cheap flights from Kyiv (KBP) - to Stuttgart (STR)

Cheap flights from Kyiv (KBP) - to Stuttgart (STR)


If Stuttgart were a human, it would definitely be a self-made person. Not without gloss and excessive correctness, but there are no perfect people. This handsome German man is considered the capital of the automotive industry throughout the country. He also has a high standard of living, a bunch of research centres, and vacancies. People come here to work, relax, and wonder.

How to move

Public transport system is very extensive: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, and buses. If you need to get somewhere quickly, without traffic jams, and with frequent stops, take the U-Bahn. It is a German network of public trains that run frequently and cover the entire city.

Regarding the fares: the city is divided into zones, so the fare differs precisely by the number of zones that you need to go through. All the most important things in the city are located in the first transport zone. Within its territory, a one-way trip will cost €2.50*. The ticket is valid for 3 hours and allows you to change modes of transport, but only in one direction. That is, you cannot go and return with one ticket.

All tickets can be bought at bus stops, and paid in cash or by card.

We do not recommend taking a taxi, it is very expensive. But renting a bike is a good idea. Eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and healthy.

What to see

Most often the city is visited on holidays. Twice a year Cannstatter Wasen is hosted: the Cannstatter Volksfest in autumn and the Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest in spring. And, of course, Christmas in the city. On the eve of the holidays, Stuttgart transforms into a spectacle of happiness.

And now about a tourist classic worth visiting sights:

City Gallery and Museum of Modern Art. Ideal for those who appreciate art in all its forms. They are located in the very heart of the city, 5 minutes walking from each other

City centre. Walk down the Königstraße to the Schlossplatz Castle Square

The Mercedes-Benz Museum, of course. This is a must-see even for those who don't like cars or museums. There are several floors of vintage cars, and the entrance costs €10*. And if you suddenly get inspired by the automotive theme, then head to the smaller Porsche Museum. If you show the entrance ticket to Mercedes-Benz, you will get a discount.

The Fernsehturm TV tower is 217 meters high. You are guaranteed a wonderful panorama of the city and lunch in a classy establishment with a nice price tag

- And be sure to visit Killesber


In a good restaurant, you will have to pay from €10* for one dish. However, the portions are large. But in small eateries you can organise yourself a hearty snack and pay from €5* per person.

Explore (things to see out of the city)

Within zone 4 in the city, you can visit three cozy cities:

Ludwigsburg, to see the local castle

Esslingen, to catch the fabulous german vibe

- Boeblingen, to drink beer in a place where it has been brewed for over 200 years


The traditional scheme “the further from the centre, the cheaper” does not apply in this city. Therefore, look for a classy hotel or hostel in the very centre or within zone 1. By the way, a bed in a hostel will cost from €12*, and you should book it in advance.

Book a flight

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