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Kos is an island for mental relaxation. Gentle sea, beautiful mountains, cozy settlements beckon to stay here longer and forget about all the worries.

Getting ready for the road

With family, friends, or a partner – any trip with SkyUp will be unforgettable in a good way. Sit back in your chair and enjoy 2.5 hours of flying. By the way, you have the opportunity to choose a seat and order food for an additional fee. Watch the bizarre clouds, rejoice to see the island of Kos from above, and enjoy the delicious dishes that we have specially selected for our menu.

From airport to the city

You can get from Kos Airport to the city by bus. However, they run only a few times a day at long intervals. So we advise you to check the schedule here. The ticket costs € 3.2.

You will have to pay approximately € 35 for a taxi and renting a car costs from € 23 per day.


You can travel around the island of Kos by bus. The ticket price is € 2.1–4.8 depending on the distance.

Interesting historical places

Getting to the sea as soon as possible is the main rule of tourists who have just arrived on the island of Kos. So start exploring the island from the beaches. Not far from the town of the same name, there are such beaches: Nomikou-Barbagianni, Zourouni, Milos, and calmer Agios Fokas (there is also black sand).

To diversify your vacation, you can go to the temple of the god of medicine, Asclepius, six kilometers away. This asclepeion before our era was not just a temple, but in our understanding, a large hospital and at the same time a medical institution of education. Thus, according to legend, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, studied namely in this asclepeion. Some walls and columns have been preserved here, and from the highest, third level, you can see the whole building and even enjoy the view of the island's eastern part.

And within the city, you can visit the Ancient Agora, i.e., the market square. Here you can look at the remains of the temples of Hercules, Aphrodite, as well as frescoes and mosaics.

During breaks between beaches, be sure to take a walk in the town of Kos. The architecture of most houses here is relatively young because, in 1933, an earthquake destroyed almost the entire settlement, so it had to be rebuilt. However, the 15th-century Knights Hospitaller fortress wall, built along the perimeter, has survived and given the settlement a medieval atmosphere. Another building that has survived from chivalric times is the Hospitaller House of Commander Francesco Sans.

In general, the town is very cozy, even without many old buildings. We advise you to walk in the evening, when it is not so hot, breathe in the sleepy sea and relax on some cute terrace with a glass of wine.


As in all of Greece, on Kos, you can enjoy large portions of seafood and delicious wine. And, of course, you should try traditional Greek dishes, such as brizola (veal and pork chops cooked on coals), paidakia (lamb ribs), moussaka (casserole with meat and eggplant), and avgolemono (chicken soup with egg-lemon sauce).

And from purely local products, you can try sweet tomato jam and posa cheese, made from goat's milk and stored in red wine.


Hotels in Kos can be rented from € 30, and prices for superior rooms start from € 60. You will have to pay for an apartment from € 45, but better options cost € 80 and more.

Where to go nearby

Not far from the airport, there is the Antimachia Castle, a Venetian fortification of the 14th century. The stone walls are quite well preserved, and in the town, you can see the ancient mill near the museum was founded.

You can also visit the mountain villages of Asfendiu, Pyli, Asomatos, and Lagoudi to watch the magical sunsets.

And if you have the opportunity, it's better to rent a car to travel around the island's entire coastline.

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