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The city has a coffee aroma, beautiful architecture, themed restaurants, and a medieval atmosphere. Come here for carefree walks, exciting excursions, and sincere conversations.

Getting ready for the road

We invite you to start your journey to one of the coziest cities in Ukraine with SkyUp. Our team will take care of your comfort before and during the trip. With a few clicks, you can check in for a flight and choose additional services that will make your trip even more convenient. And on board, you will be greeted by a smiling crew who will be happy to help you during the flight.

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From airport to the city

The airport is within the city, so you can quickly get to the center by trolleybus No. 28 for € 0.3. Or you could take a taxi, which costs about € 3–5.


Buses, trolleybuses, trams, and minibuses run through Lviv. The fare for all transport is about € 0.3.

Interesting historical places

The main meeting place for all Lviv residents is Rynok (Market) Square. Here you can take pictures near four fountain statues in the corners of the square – Neptune, Diana, Adonis, and Amphitrite. You can also see the city from a height by climbing the town hall tower (by the way, you can also go to the High Castle for a panorama; the castle was once located on this hill).

We advise you to wander aimlessly through the surrounding streets after familiarizing yourself with the central square. Narrow pedestrian paths, cobblestones, elegant houses will immerse you in the atmosphere of antiquity. And after walking, you can stop by a restaurant. There are dozens of them here – both small and cozy and large and noisy.

After that, you should walk outside the old city – the other part of Lviv will also delight you with its beautiful architecture. Svobody Avenue and the Opera House, Sichovykh Striltsiv, Chuprynky, Franka, Lychakivska and Pekarska Streets deserve your attention. And be sure to visit the tiny Kryva Lypa Passage (between Doroshenko and Sichovykh Striltsiv streets), Franko Park (the majestic university of the same name is also here), and Stryiskyi Park (it is huge, and you may spot some squirrels here).

Eating establishments

The feature of Lviv is to add entertainment to delicious food. So visiting local establishments can become a real attraction. Nevertheless, we advise you to take a closer look at the food: try syrnyk (it doesn't look like cheesecake at all), roast (potatoes, porcini mushrooms and meat baked in a сrock), pierogi (dumplings) with different fillings, palusky (boiled pieces of potato dough), mushroom soup and potato pancakes.


Rooms in Lviv hotels cost € 20–40, and an apartment can be rented from € 20. You will have to pay for a room € 95–120 in a five-star hotel.

Where to go nearby

You can devote a day to a trip to the castles of Lviv region: Zhovkva, Olesko, Pidhirtsi, Zolochiv, Svirz, and Stare Selo. They are not very far from each other, so you will definitely have enough time to walk around the area and go on excursions.

Lviv is lucky to be located near the Carpathians, so choose a point on the map and climb the mountains.

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