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Futuristic architecture and cozy low-rise areas, majestic mosques, hospitable people, and incredible nature nearby. All this is about Baku.

Getting ready for the road

Flights with SkyUp are convenient and full of pleasant emotions. Save your time, check in for a flight online, and order the necessary services in your account – High Pass (additional services at the airport), insurance, PCR test, etc. And be sure to take the opportunity to try our specialties. Immerse yourself in the tasty desserts and dinners and enjoy the view from the window.

From airport to the city

You can get from the airport to the center of Baku by shuttle H1. It travels around the clock and costs $ 0.9. A taxi will cost from $ 15–25.


Buses run around Baku ($ 0.18). You can pay for travel only non-cash: by purchasing a temporary paper or plastic reusable BakıKart. You can top up a plastic card an unlimited number of times and a paper card only once and only for 1–4 trips. The paper card costs $ 0.18, plastic one – $ 1.18. These cards are also valid in the subway.

And we also advise you to take a taxi, which locals call eggplants, because of the color (although they are more like London cabs). The boarding price is $ 0.6 and $ 0.35 for 1 km.

Interesting historical places

Start exploring Baku from the Old, or Inner City. It is a stone town surrounded by walls on the Caspian Sea shores. Pleasant low-rise buildings, reminiscent of the Turkish style, immediately catch the eye. There are also two outstanding architectural monuments of Baku – the Maiden Tower (you can go up there) and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. The latter was built approximately in the 15th century and contains a complex of buildings: in addition to the palace itself, mosque, burial chamber, mausoleum, and bathhouse. By the way, the center of Baku, together with these monuments, is included in the UNESCO heritage list.

And, of course, you can't miss the three Flame Towers (the name comes from the shape of skyscrapers), which stand out against the city's background due to their height and unusual modern architectural style. You can also climb them to see the city from above.

You can further explore the local culture in the Bibi-Heybat Mosque. By the way, oil rigs are located in this area. It can be an exciting experience to look at them, and more so, these rigs also "lit up" in the 19th James Bond film.

Among the museums, we recommend visiting the Heydar Aliyev Center (at least to look at its unusual architecture), Museum of Modern Art, and YAY Gallery, where the works of modern Azerbaijani artists are collected. And if you want to relax, visit Hamam Aga Mikhail, built in the 17th century.


You will find points with kebabs and ayran on almost every street in Baku so that you can compare them with similar food in Ukraine. However, do not limit yourself to street food. Moreover, the establishments cook deliciously, and many even give compliments to orders.

We advise you to try pilaf (there are many varieties, depending on the type of meat and additives; there is pilaf even in pita bread!), tava (fried meat and potatoes), piti soup (with meat and chestnuts, the latter sometimes replaced by potatoes) and ajapsandali (spicy vegetable stew).


Rooms in Baku hotels cost from $ 20, and apartments cost the same. However, if you want to rent an apartment with state-of-the-art renovation, close to the center, or with an extraordinary view, you will have to pay from $ 50.

Where to go nearby

Near Baku, there is a place that resembles landscapes from other galactic planets from movies. We are talking about mud volcanoes – mini mountains in the desert that erupt a cold dark mixture. Cracked ground with dark streams and "lava" bubbling and hissing is precisely the place for space photos.

Another natural wonder near Baku is the colorful Khizi Mountains. The mountains are low, but thanks to the bright stripes, they send us to the "Martian" landscapes or children's cartoons – because it is unbelievable that the nature of our planet has created such beauty.

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