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Over the past 100 years, Batumi, Georgia, has transformed from a port town into a famous resort on the Black Sea coast. The capital of Adjara is also an important seaport. The city is famous for its long string of beaches, its mountain and gastronomic tours, the Alphabet Towers, and the Seaside Boulevard with its luxurious avenues. Relax in modern and colorful Batumi, and SkyUp will make your flight to hospitable Georgia comfortable:

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Batumi - the city of beaches, entertainment, and delicious food

The tourist season for those who like beach vacations in Batumi lasts from June to early September, when the daytime temperature is 23⁰C - 26⁰C. The beaches here are covered with pebbles, the bottom is shallow and shallow - an excellent option for holidays with children. Entertainments such as parasailing, boat rides, and water motorcycle rides are available to tourists.

It is impossible to imagine a trip to Batumi without national Georgian food and wine. Especially for tourists from Ukraine are produced wine Flirt-Rose, on the label of which are printed poems in Ukrainian. 

How to get to the city?

You can take a city bus from the airport to Batumi.  To do this, you need to buy a special card for 2 GEL (Georgian currency)* at the pay box. You can also take a cab - the cost of the trip will be from 20-25 GEL*. The transfer will cost from 40 lari*, but will include a meeting with a nameplate and help with suitcases.

It’s worth visiting

Both in the modern neighborhoods and the Old Town in Batumi there are many locations worth seeing:

Alphabet Tower. A glass tower 130 meters high, wrapped on the outside with a metal ribbon with Georgian letters on it. From the observation deck, which can be climbed by elevator, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Argo cable car. Another opportunity to look at the city, the Black Sea, and the Adjara Mountains from above. The journey on the modern funicular starts from the seaport, during which you will travel 2,586 meters to Mount Anuria.

Seaside Park. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the German gardener Ressler designed the palm alleys, colorful flowerbeds, placement of fountains and meadows.

City Botanical Garden, founded in 1880. Rare plants from all over the world are planted in tiers over an area of more than 110 hectares. The peculiarity of the park is that it is located between the mountain peak and the Black Sea coast.

Orta Jame Mosque in the Turkish Quarter. It symbolizes the ethnoreligious features of Adjara, which was granted the status of autonomy. It is worth walking down Kutaisi Street, enjoying the architecture in Turkish-Arabic style, and visit the Turkish canteens.

Where to stay?

A budget double room here costs from GEL 24* and a family room from GEL 25*. Standard rooms or deluxe rooms and suites cost from 30 GEL*. On average, a comfortable room with private bathroom costs from 115 lari*, and a studio apartment - from 150 lari*.

Where to go nearby? 

In the vicinity of Batumi, it is worth paying attention to the mountain district Racha, attracting views, caves, and the monastery of Nikortsminda. A trip to Makhuntseti waterfall with the arched stone bridge of the same name can be interesting. The Mtirala National Park in the municipality of Chakwa also has a picturesque waterfall, mountain rivers, and beautiful scenery that can be explored on foot or by bicycle.

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