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Lisbon is a city of inspiration, a painting of a talented impressionist and a musical to the accompaniment of street musicians and dances of casual passers-by. You won't get lost here, because even without Google maps, you will get where you need to go: to some exciting place here at every step.

Getting ready for the road

So while you fly in the clouds (literally and in your dreams of Lisbon), we organize everything in the best way. In particular, we will take care of fast online check-in, comfort on the board, and delicious food. We have carefully selected the dishes to please you with various flavors and restaurant aesthetics. Just order a meal no later than 32 hours before departure and enjoy.

From airport to the city

If you travel with a small bag, you can get from the airport by regular public bus (maximum bag size – 50x40x20 cm). Suitable numbers: 705 (does not run on weekends), 722, 744, 783 (the only route that runs until 24:00). You can also use the metro, as the station is located directly at the airport. And the last public transport is the Aerobus transfer (€ 3.6 or € 5.4 both ways). And a taxi to the center cost € 10–15.


The main transport in Lisbon – buses, subways, trams, and funicular. It is best to buy a Viva Viagem travel card (€ 0.5) and top it up to pay for the fare. A one-time ticket for all transport costs € 1.45 (or € 2, € 3 and € 3.8 if you buy a ticket inside a bus, tram or funicular, respectively). You can also buy a daily ticket for € 6.3 or € 9.55 with the possibility of sailing on a ferry.

No matter how you plan to travel around the city, be sure to take a ride by the cute vintage trams and funicular. Lisbon is so cozy, thanks in large part to this transport.

Interesting historical places

Lisbon is one of those cities where you will be 100% satisfied even without going to museums and looking for famous sights. However, if you still want to have at least a rough plan of exploring the city, here are a few places:

The Estrela Basilica. The snow-white temple with spiky towers is in the western part of the city on one of the seven hills. Go up to the basilica to look closely at the facade statues and go inside to admire the rich marble decoration.

Belém Tower. It is a striking example of Portuguese Gothic and a real city symbol. Namely, from here in the 15th century, Vasco da Gama's expedition began searching for a sea route to India.

National Pantheon. Here, you can enjoy the architecture and see the magnificent landscape from the observation deck.

The promenade under the 25 de Abril bridge (by the way, this is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world), where you can take a break and watch the seagulls.

And if you are visiting Lisbon for a long time, arrange a tour of gorgeous museums. There are both classical museums – ancient art, urban, maritime, etc., and museums, similar to which you will find few places in the world – puppets from puppet theater, azulejo (tiles used for interiors and exteriors), carriages.


In Lisbon, first of all, you should try the divinely delicious custard dessert pastel de nata. And try a variety of soups – the Portuguese call themselves almost their inventors, so they are even at McDonald's.


Hotels and apartments in Lisbon cost from € 50, but a place in a hostel can be rented from € 15.

Where to go nearby

There are many palaces in the surroundings of Lisbon. We recommend going to the Palace of Queluz – the residence of the Portuguese kings, built in the Rococo style. The next place is Quinta da Regaleira. It is a very bizarre building of the early 20th century, near which a garden with braided paths abounds.

And to relax by the sea, head to Cascais, where you will find good beaches and one of the most beautiful places in Portugal – Boca do Inferno, a grotto with picturesque breaking waves.

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