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If we compare cities with people, Madrid is a restless friend with whom it is easy and pleasant to spend time and get into unforgettable adventures. We guarantee that it will be fun, beautiful, and delicious!

Getting ready for the road

"Exactly what you need" are apt words to describe a trip to Madrid with SkyUp. We offer convenient fares for your flight: Basic (hand luggage only), Standard (two pieces of hand luggage and baggage up to 23 kg), and Flex (two pieces of hand luggage and baggage up to 32 kg).

And also, surprise yourself with a delicious dinner at an altitude of 10 thousand meters. Enjoy a delicate dessert of mango mousse, meat and cheese rolls, mushroom risotto, salad with orange and Blue cheese, ordering meals no later than 32 hours before departure.

From airport to the city

Many buses run from Madrid Airport, connecting it to the city center or transport hubs. In particular: No.203 (€ 5 including space in the luggage compartment), No.101, 200 (€ 1.5), No.822, 824, 827, 828 (€ 1.5–5.1; these buses go to the surrounding towns, so the price depends on the distance and the number of zones you will pass). Check out the route information here.

There are also two subway stations of the eighth line at the airport. The fare is € 4.5–5. However, depending on your area of arrival, the price may vary. If convenient for you, you can also get there by C1 or C10 trains for € 2.6. A taxi to the center of Madrid costs around € 30.


A one-time bus and subway ticket within the city costs € 1.5-2, but you can buy ten tickets for € 12.2 (plus € 2.5 for a multi-transport card, which you need to buy only once). You can also purchase passes per day (€ 8.4), two (€ 14.2), three (€ 18.4), four (€ 22.6), five (€ 26.8) and seven (€ 35.4). Or twice the price if you need to go to the suburbs. You can check routes and zones at this link.

Interesting historical places

Madrid is huge, so the must-visit places are scattered over long distances. Here are the places that are worth seeing:

City Hall, or the Cibeles Palace, the elegance of which can be compared to the royal castle. And although the building dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, its splendor is not inferior to samples of palace architecture of The Renaissance and Modern history.

Edificio Capitol is a building that is ahead of its time. The flat forms and the high tower at the corner resemble the modern architecture and make it difficult to believe that the house is almost 90 years old.

Edificio Metrópolis is the most famous non-institutional building in Madrid. The dome, decorated with statues and gold leaf, and the embossed facade with columns make this building the adornment of the city.

The National Library of Spain is worth seeing from the outside and the inside. Incredibly painted ceilings and hundreds of books on classic wooden shelving are like in films about mysterious researchers.

Buen Retiro Park – 120 hectares of various plants, the famous monument to King Alfonso XII with a long colonnade and a fabulous crystal palace.

— Museums: Prado with an incredible collection of European art and the Queen Sofia Arts Center with the Dalí Hall and a selection of other powerful works by 20th-century artists.


To experience the real Madrid, you can go to the so-called bars for seniors – establishments with simple old-fashioned interiors and low prices, where the owner often works as a bartender. Even coffee is made on machines of the 50s and 60s!

In general, Madrid is a city where gourmet cuisine and local fast food coexist. So be sure to try the squid sandwich, churros (fried dough sticks) with hot chocolate, chorizo (spicy pork sausage), local cheeses (such as manchego), tapas, dozens of varieties of Jamon (with melon is incredibly delicious), tortilla (omelet with potatoes and onions) and Andalusian salmorejo (pureed soup) from tomatoes, garlic, and bread.


It is best to look for an apartment in the areas of Malasaña, Retiro, Centro, and Salamanca, which are in the center or nearby but not the most crowded and safe for tourists. You can rent a hotel room from € 50, a place in a hostel from € 22, and an apartment from € 60. However, options closer to the center cost € 70–120 depending on the apartment size.

Where to go nearby

You can go for a day to the surrounding cities:

Toledo with the majestic and well-preserved Alcázar Fortress, the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Mary, and two ancient stone bridges.

Segovia with a ship-like castle, a huge Gothic cathedral with many small spiers, and a two-story Roman aqueduct.

Ávila with high fortified walls, a cathedral, which they began to build in the Romanesque style, and continued in the Gothic, and the Romanesque Basilica of San Vicente.

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We at SkyUp want your trip to be comfortable and beautiful, and that you completely relax, forget about any worries and set out to relax already in the cabin.

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aircraft interior
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The main and really impressive effect, which is noted by absolutely everything - is the multi-colored interior lighting, which is selected depending on the phase of flight. The colors change very smoothly within a few minutes and create an inconspicuous calming and relaxing effect during the flight.

In the night phase of the flight, the light is turned off; for comfort, only the pleasant blue Sky Skylight remains, which somewhat resembles the light of the moon. At dawn, when the time to wake up, the color of the backlight changes to orange-pink - the color of the rising sun.

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