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The settlement on the site of modern Tivat existed even in the 3rd century BC. There are an ancient palace, beautiful monasteries, a botanical garden, and a long coastline with a turquoise sea. And nearby are other amazing resorts of Montenegro, so it is convenient to start a trip around the country from here.

Getting ready for the road

A little over an hour and a half, and you’re in Montenegro. In addition to comfort on board, SkyUp offers a choice of additional services at affordable prices (and it is even cheaper to pay online). For example, you can carry animals in the cabin or the luggage compartment, check in extra baggage, add one more carry-on baggage, or change seats.

In addition, we recommend ordering our specialties. Baked duck leg in cranberry sauce, cheese roll, fried salmon with lemon and vegetable stew, or even ice cream – you can taste all of this in the sky.

From airport to the city

The easiest way to get to the city is by taxi (from € 5). You can also get there by bus (≈ € 2), but you will have to walk about 1 km to the stop (turn left near the airport, stop near the yellow “mushrooms”).


It is better to travel around the city by taxi, which costs approximately € 1.5 per 1 km. You can also take a taxi from Tivat to nearby towns, such as Kotor (≈ € 10).

Interesting historical places

The city is located on the incredible Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska). Therefore, you can explore Tivat from the beaches with gorgeous mountain views. Pay attention to the beaches of Belane and Zupa, covered with small pebbles. Next to the second beach is a large identically named park worth a leisurely walk. Fragrant cypress-pine air in addition to the mountains and the sea is the best choice for relaxing your body and soul.

It would be best to visit the Renaissance Summer House Buca, built 500 years ago and consists of 5 buildings. It also has the Church of St. Michael, more like an ancient stone chapel.


Most local dishes are based on meat. So, try ćevapčići – minced meat sausage, vešalica, the so-called spice chop, and pečenje – meat on a spit.

Cheeses are also trendy in Montenegro. So you can try delicate bryndza, made from cow’s or sheep’s milk in the mountains. Also, try stuffed peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes.

Fish and seafood occupy a special place. We recommend trying fish soup, pilaf with seafood, and baked carp. After that, you can drink craft beer, tart local wine, or strong raki.


Two-star hotels in Tivat cost from € 15, apartments from € 20, and five-star rooms from € 90.

Where to go nearby

You can take a ferry to the Island of Flowers (Ostrvo Cvijeća), where it is easy to hide from the sun in the shade of many plants. There is the Holy Trinity Church on the island, which houses the relics of 70 martyr monks. There are also beautiful views of the sea and mountains from there.

And take a walk through the ancient and beautiful town of Gornja Lastva, that rises 300 meters above sea level. We also recommend visiting Porto Montenegro, the largest port for luxury yachts on the Adriatic Sea.

Finally, go to the city of Kotor, which has some of the best mountain landscapes in the country. It is not a very beach place, but instead, a gorgeous panorama of the Bay of Kotor opens from it. The mountains are so close to the sea that they seem to hang directly over you. In Kotor, you can enjoy Venetian architecture and climb to the main St John’s Fortress with an observation deck that offers magnificent views.

And it is worth going to the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, which was built in the twelfth century and is under the protection of UNESCO. And if you have time, go to Lovćen park (named after one of the highest mountains in Montenegro) with its valleys, waterfalls, and mountain landscapes.

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