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Vienna has not only preserved the grandeur of the Habsburg Empire but also thrives as a convenient modern city. Therefore, everyone will find something of their own here. After all, this city is appropriate both for fans of old architecture and museums and for urbanists, who want to see how historical cities can preserve their face and be very comfortable at the same time.

Getting ready for the road 

If you plan a trip to some fancy city, go to Vienna. If you are going to fly, choose SkyUp. Check in quickly thanks to the ability to do it online, meet the smiles of SkyUp employees on the way to the plane and sit comfortably in your seat – an exciting adventure awaits you ahead. And with our menu, it will be even better. This is the case when gourmet dishes on board can take an important place in your travel memories.

From airport to the city

Right in the airport building, there is a railway station from which you can get to the city by S7 (€ 4.2), Railjet (€ 4.3), or City Airport trains (€ 12 or 21 in both directions). Turn left, exiting the baggage claim area to get to the station. And do not miss the ticket machines and schedule board before going down to the station.

You can also take one of the 24-hour buses, which cost from € 8. You can check the schedules here. And a taxi costs about € 30.


Vienna has a single ticket for the metro, buses, and trams. Prices: € 2.4 for a single ticket (with the possibility of transfer), € 8 for a one-day ticket, € 14.1 for a two-day ticket, € 17.1 for a three-day and weekly ticket (valid from Monday to Monday).

Interesting historical places

Vienna is a city that will leave a taste of museums in your memories without visiting them – it's so pompous, elegant, and just lovely to walk here. Take a walk around the old town, look at the City Hall, go to St. Stephen's Cathedral, and climb its tower (by the way, the Kahlenberg mountain on the outskirts also offers a fantastic view of the city). Stop near buildings to see every inch of the facades; go around the Hofburg Palace complex, which includes symmetrical buildings of the Natural History and Art Museums; after the walk, stop by some cozy cafe and order a Sacher with Viennese coffee…

But if you have time, anyway go to the museum on the following days. In particular, go to the Museum of Art History, Belvedere, and Albertina, if you love painting and sculpture of different peoples. Visit Schönbrunn if you are closer to the aristocratic decoration of the royal houses and the House of Music if you like interactivity and want to try to "write" your music with a computer program. And to consolidate the cultural impression, we recommend going to the Vienna Opera. And to consolidate the cultural impression, we recommend going to the Vienna Opera. Take a look at its lavish interior decoration and watch some wonderful performances.

Unusual architecture has also found its place in Vienna. In particular, the Hundertwasser house and the Spittelau waste incineration plant of the same architect look more like a fantasy of an animator than real buildings. You can also drive up to four gasometers, former gas storage facilities converted into a cultural and residential complex.


In Austria, there are three main dishes worth trying: fried sausages (they are delicious even in fast food stalls), schnitzel, and cake “Sacher” (necessarily with whipped cream).


Vienna is quite an expensive city, so hotel prices start at € 36. You can rent a tiny studio apartment from € 30, larger studios and apartments with separate bedrooms cost from € 55.

Where to go nearby

Head from Vienna to the 30-kilometer valley of the Wachau, where you will find beautiful nature and the castle where, according to legend, Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned. And here, you can also join a wine tour along the vineyards and wineries with a tasting part.

You can also go to the Alps near Vienna (they, by the way, can be seen even from the city's outskirts). In winter, go skiing or snowboarding, and in summer, enjoy the scenery and clean air.

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