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Cozy neighborhoods and modern business centers, spacious parks, and amazing landscapes of the Dnipro. Kyiv is different but always friendly and happy to meet new people.

Getting ready for the road

You can quickly and conveniently fly to Kyiv with SkyUp airline. To help you easily plan any trip, we offer different fares:

— By choosing the Basic fare, you will be able to check in for a flight 48 hours before it and take hand baggage on board.

— The Standard fare allows you to change the departure date for an additional fee, take two pieces of hand baggage and baggage, and provides a 10% discount on additional services (such as transportation of pets).

— With the Flex fare, you can change the departure date, check in for a flight 30 days before it, take two pieces of hand baggage and baggage, and get a 20% discount on additional services.

You can also enjoy meals on the board. The well-thought-out menu with a friendly submission by our flight attendants will make the start of your trip perfect. Just order meals no later than 32 hours before departure.

From airport to the city

From Boryspil Airport, you can get to Kyiv by Skybus (€ 3.1), train (€ 3.1), and taxi (€ 9–20 depending on the time of day and distance). We advise you not to take taxis near the terminal but to order through special services or applications.


In Kyiv, there are a subway, buses, trams, trolleybuses, and minibuses. A single ticket costs € 0.25. You can buy a card (€ 1.6) for greater convenience and savings, which can be replenished for up to 50 trips (valid for all public transport, except minibuses).

Interesting historical places

Kyiv has preserved many examples of elegant architecture. Stroll through the Lypky, Upper Town, and Podil districts. It is no exaggeration to say that these are the most beautiful areas of the Ukrainian capital, where the most luxurious buildings are concentrated. Here are our TOP places:

Mariinsky Palace with turquoise walls and elegant columns. And the building has recently been restored, so tourists have the opportunity to get inside on an excursion.

House with Chimaeras. One of the brightest works of the famous Ukrainian architect Gorodetsky. The building fascinates with its unusualness and mystery. And what’s interesting: sculptures on the facade are not chimeras at all, but exotic animals and fish. There are just so many of them, and they were so unusual for people of the early 20th century that they called these creatures chimeras.

Building of the National Bank of Ukraine. It features arched accent windows and rich exterior decoration. It is located very close to the house with chimeras and the Mariinsky Palace so that you can fit them into one walk.

St Andrew’s Church. One of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in Kyiv. You will see dark green domes with a gold border while walking along the Podil because the temple rises on top of Andrew’s Descent so that it can be seen from many points.


In Kyiv, you can find establishments with dishes of different nations, but we recommend Ukrainian cuisine firstly. After all, where else can you try borscht, pierogi (dumplings), cabbage rolls, or traditional mushroom soup?

Ukrainian cuisine can pamper you not only with delicious food but also with alcohol. Dozens of varieties of sweet and bitter liquors, delicious wines, and craft beer are waiting for you in Kyiv bars.


Prices for hostels in Kyiv start at € 10–12, and for a hotel room, you will have to pay from € 40-50 (for luxury offers from € 150). You can also find an apartment from € 30.

Where to go nearby

You can go to Sofiyivka National Park in Uman for a day. This is a vast green area with a river, an underground canal, an island of love, and photogenic bridges and buildings.

You can also go to Dobropark, where the fields are sown with dozens of species of seasonal flowers (especially recommended to visit it in spring). It is convenient to get there by road Kyiv – Chop.

Milan / Bergamo – Kyiv flight tickets are available on the SkyUp Airlines website. Visit the website and select the desired date.

You can also buy Milan / Bergamo – Kyiv flight tickets paying in installments. Fly now, pay later.

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We at SkyUp want your trip to be comfortable and beautiful, and that you completely relax, forget about any worries and set out to relax already in the cabin.

SkyInterior on our sides SkyUp is one of the reasons why it is so pleasant and comfortable to fly with us. This is an integrated approach to the design of the aircraft cabin, which is based on the principles of ergonomics, rationalism and, of course, comfort.

aircraft interior
aircraft interior
aircraft interior
  • In the design of the interior panels of the cabin there are no sharp corners, it creates additional protection;
  • There are comfortable LED backlights for reading;
  • Recessed buttons to call the flight attendant make it impossible to accidentally call;
  • Inside, the new configuration of luggage racks is more spacious and comfortable.

The main and really impressive effect, which is noted by absolutely everything - is the multi-colored interior lighting, which is selected depending on the phase of flight. The colors change very smoothly within a few minutes and create an inconspicuous calming and relaxing effect during the flight.

In the night phase of the flight, the light is turned off; for comfort, only the pleasant blue Sky Skylight remains, which somewhat resembles the light of the moon. At dawn, when the time to wake up, the color of the backlight changes to orange-pink - the color of the rising sun.

SkyUp offers to enjoy the comfort of modern lounges and feel the incredible emotions during the flight. After all, the journey must begin beautifully, do you agree?

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