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Prague is a city that you can explore for months and constantly find something new. Many architectural masterpieces, cobwebs of ancient streets, and the friendliness of Czechs will not leave you indifferent. So your return here is only a matter of time.

Getting ready for the road

Traveling with SkyUp has many benefits. In particular, fast online check-in, reasonable fares for the carriage of baggage, and ordering additional services (such as insurance, carriage of pets in the cabin, or a PCR test).

And if you don’t want to worry about anything at all, we have another tempting offer – pre-order meals. We have compiled not just a list of dishes for you but a delicious full-fledged menu. So on a plane, you can enjoy noodles with duck or with shrimps, beefsteak with Masao sauce, and brownie or mango mousse cake for dessert. You’ve probably never tasted such dishes in the sky yet!

From airport to the city

You can get to Prague from the airport by two city buses: No.119 (with a change to metro line A) and No.100 (with a change to metro line B). Other buses run at night – No.910 and 907 (the latter runs 10 minutes faster).

Another option is a taxi, which costs € 15–20.


Prague has a convenient public transport system: buses, trams, and the metro operate on a single ticket.

A ticket costs € 1.17 for 30 minutes, € 1.56 for 90 minutes, € 4.68 per day, and € 12.87 for three days. During this time, you can change to another vehicle.

However, keep in mind that you need to buy more expensive tickets, valid for several transport zones to get to the suburbs. Fares are here.

Interesting historical places

It is worth spending at least a day in Prague's Old Town. Long narrow winding streets, ancient cobblestones, and fantastic historical architecture are sure to impress you. You will want to stop near each building to take a closer look. And numerous bakeries attract with their cozy display windows and mouth-watering smells.

See the powder tower, the magnificent Public House, and head to the legendary Charles Bridge. Tip: it is better to go there early in the morning until tourists have blocked all photo spots.

And another day can be dedicated to Prague Castle – one of the largest palace complexes in the world. Namely, here there is St. Vitus Cathedral from tourist postcards. However, you can also visit Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, the greenhouse, and stroll through the Royal Garden.

Also, the National, Technical museums and National Gallery are noteworthy.


In Prague, trdelniks (pretzels with sugar and vanilla powder, sometimes with fillings) are being sold at every step. We also recommend trying soup in bread, as well as meat dishes, such as svíčková (veal tenderloin with a sweet sauce with cream, carrots, and celery) or vepřo knedlo zelo (pork with flour or potato knodels and stewed cabbage).

And, of course, do not deny yourself the pleasure of drinking Czech beer with fried sausages. Dozens of types of beer are served in Prague, always with sausages and not with fish or snacks, as it is customary in Ukraine.


Accommodation prices in Prague are relatively low. In particular, you can rent a hotel room from € 20 and a hostel from € 16. An apartment on Airbnb can be found even for € 30.

Where to go nearby

We suggest you visit Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov if you have time. These are cozy towns with old architecture, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city, enjoy the beauty of nature, and in Karlovy Vary, you can also bathe in thermal springs.

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