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Vilnius will amaze you with its urban stories, beautiful architecture, and delicious national cuisine. Explore the city and its past and go to other equally beautiful places in Lithuania.

Getting ready for the road

SkyUp will help you arrange an unforgettable vacation in Vilnius. With us, you can reach Vilnius Airport in just 2 hours, and thanks to the fast online check-in, you will not have to stand in line.

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From airport to the city

Buses No.88 and 3G run from the airport to the city center and buses No.1 and 2 to the railway station every 20–40 minutes. At night there is only bus No.88N. For the trip, it will be enough to buy a ticket for € 0.65, valid for half an hour.

You can also get to the train station for € 0.8 by train (see schedule here).

A taxi costs € 8–10.


Buses and trams are the main transports of Vilnius. You can pay for a trip only in cash, particularly with the card Vilniečio kortelė, which costs € 1.5. Ticket valid for 30 minutes costs € 0.65, for an hour – € 0.9, for a day – € 5, for three days – € 8, for five days – € 12, for ten days – € 15.

Interesting historical places

If you are a fan of beautiful architecture, you need to see the gothic St. Anne's Church and the Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus, built in classicism. The latter is at the foot of the castle hill, where part of the Upper Vilnius Castle has been preserved. Such intactness is an outstanding achievement, as the Teutonic Knights repeatedly attacked the castle.

Also, the snow-white Lower Castle is worth noting. It is the restored residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and Polish kings.

And you can see the city's panorama from the hill with the Three Crosses monument in memory of the Franciscan monks executed in the 15th century.

Also, make sure you plan your time for the walk in the old town. You can wander endlessly here, aimlessly turning into the many narrow streets that attract your attention.

The cultural program can be continued at the National Drama Theater and in the Užupis district, which has declared itself a "republic of artists and romantics" (it has borders, a flag, its Constitution, the President, and Ministers, so everything is serious). Galleries, workshops, and art cafes are here.


There are a lot of potatoes in Lithuanian national cuisine. One such dish is cepelinai (potato balls with various fillings). You can also compare šaltibarščiai with Ukrainian borscht (cold and cooked with kefir) and try skilandis (pork sausage). Among desserts, popular shakotis, i.e., egg cake.


Prices for hotel rooms in Vilnius start from € 35. Room in a hostel will cost € 20-25. You have to pay from € 40 for an apartment.

Where to go nearby

The advantage of Lithuania is its small size, so you can quickly get anywhere in the country from Vilnius. Our must-visit list is as follows:

Trakai Island Castle. The stone towers with red-tiled roofs on the shores of the lake resemble fairytale castles. The ability to rent a boat adds charm to the place.

Kaunas. It is a small old town with lovely streets, a 14th-century castle, and picturesque churches.

Klaipėda. Another nice city. Low houses above the strait that connects the Curonian Lagoon with the Baltic Sea resemble the promenades in German and Dutch cities.

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