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Kyiv is the Ukrainian capital, which enchants everyone with the unity of ancient architecture and modern business centers, panoramic views of the metropolis from the slopes of the Dnieper River and green parks and squares. The city has many cultural monuments, including one of the tallest monuments in the world, the Motherland, which is even higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York, one of the most beautiful metro stations "Golden Gate" and Vladimirskaya Street, which is more than 1000 years old. Visit hospitable Kiev and SkyUp will take care of a good start to your journey:

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Kyiv is the chestnut capital of Europe

Charles de Gaulle said: «I have seen many parks in cities but I have never seen a city in a park». This is how, in 1966, one of the most famous French politicians of the 20th century and at the time the President of France described his visit to the Ukrainian capital. He visited the Mariinsky Palace, Askold's grave and the Park of Eternal Glory. The politician summed up the visit with the words: «We were well received in Kiev».

The unofficial symbol of Kiev is the chestnut. These trees have been planted along the central street of Khreshchatyk for decades. Now many of the chestnuts have been replaced, but according to the plan of the municipality, their return is planned. A walk along Khreshchatyk will give you good impressions, and if you get to house № 36, you can find a bronze chestnut figurine, installed within the framework of the «Look» project, as a symbol of the street.

How to get to the city

You can take a high-speed train «Borispol Kyiv Express» from Borispol airport to the city for $3*. Skybus also runs from the terminal to Kyiv, the ticket costs $1.8*. The cost of a taxi ride starts from $12*.

What should you visit

Kyiv's hospitality is felt everywhere: different languages are heard everywhere, and all the names of stations in the metro and public transport stops are duplicated in English, as are the names in shops and shopping centers. Locals are usually willing to give tips on how to find the location you need.

We advise you to visit the city for a few days in order to have time to see all the outstanding places and sights:

— Acquaintance with Kyiv should start from its main square, namely the Independence Square. There is a monument to the founders of the city, there are pedestrian fountains, and the Independence Monument flaunts in the center. A large shopping mall «Globus» with brand shops and food courts operates under the square. Next, head along Khreshchatyk, the main street with beautiful architecture. Then you should climb Vladimirskaya Gorka: the spacious park welcomes its guests into its green arms and congratulates the guests with the huge Friendship of Peoples arch. A magnificent view of the city opens up here. Next, we advise you to go down to the pedestrian bridge and walk across the Dnieper River to Trukhanov Island, where you can sunbathe on the beach, swim in cool water or have a picnic.

— There are hundreds of museums in Kyiv. One of the most popular museums is the National Art Museum, which contains masterpieces of Ukrainian artists from the Middle Ages to the present. It may be interesting for you to visit the PinchukArtCentre, a modern art center, where art projects are presented and large-scale exhibitions of works by world masters are held. The National Museum «Chernobyl» will help you delve into a tragic event for Europe: a multimedia exposition and exhibits will tell the main thing about the nuclear disaster near Kiev. You should also visit the Tram Pass Museum, the only one in the world. You can also add your own ticket to the collection, for which you will be treated to a glass of hoppy beer.

— Shopping in Kyiv will delight you with good prices for things of world brands. We advise you to visit the following malls: River Mall, Dream Town 1 and Dream Town 2, as well as Ocean Plaza.

— If you are on vacation with children, visit the Kyiv Zoo and the Sea Fairy Tale Oceanarium. It will be most convenient for you to travel around the city by metro, which costs about $0.3* here.

Where should I stay?

You can find accommodation in Kyiv for every taste and budget. An inexpensive double room starts at $11*, and a family room starts at $19*. Large luxury apartments can be rented for as low as $400*. Most hotels offer comfortable double rooms for an average of $90-100*.

Where should I go nearby?  

One of the most interesting locations near Kyiv is the Pirogovo Museum, founded in 1962. Real old houses of the 16th century, windmills and temples, as well as expositions of household items and national costumes are located here in the open air.

You may be interested in the Sakura Island park in the village of Volodarka. Everything is imbued with Asian style on an island with an area of ​​1.6 hectares, surrounded by the waters of the Ros River: artificial waterfalls, a grotto, fountains, Japanese red bridges, Shinto gates, a mini-zoo, a playground with a ship, as well as magic cherry blossoms.

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