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In Lviv, you can always find something new: unexpected streets around the corner, exciting decorations on houses, and cozy establishments hidden in the courtyards. If you are planning a trip to Ukraine, be sure to mark this city on your travel map.

Getting ready for the road

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You can also add color to this trip by ordering meals. Bacon-wrapped beef, salad of fried pineapple, shrimp, and Parmesan in honey mustard sauce, mango mousse with raspberry confit on loose biscuit basis. These are not the dishes from a gourmet restaurant but items from our menu.

From airport to the city

To get from the airport to the center of Lviv, take trolleybus No. 29, which costs € 0.3 for a ticket. You can also take a taxi (approximately € 3–5).


Traveling by bus, tram, trolleybus, and minibus costs about € 0.3. You can pay the driver or via internet banking using QR codes displayed inside the vehicles (except minibuses). By the way, some trams running in Lviv are, so to speak, vintage; they come from the Czech Republic of the 20th century.

Interesting historical places

Lviv can surprise you with the number of temples per square meter. In the center, it is impossible to turn your head somewhere without seeing the church. The most beautiful among them are the Latin Cathedral, the Bernardine Church and Monastery, the Dominican Church, the St. George's Cathedral, the Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth.

Тhe tower of the latter, by the way, offers a gorgeous panorama of the city. You can also climb the building of the town hall and the High Castle for a landscape (it is now just a hill, on which only a piece of the wall remains from the castle).

In addition, non-church elegant buildings are worth seeing in Lviv: the Opera House, the Lviv University, the composition of buildings framing the central Rynok (Market) Square, the House of Scientists. And in the city, there are two large parks where you can relax from the hustle and bustle: Franko and Stryiskyi (if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to feed the squirrel here).

You can combine nature with an excursion program in Shevchenko grove. In addition to the beautiful wooded area, there is a collection of houses of Ukrainian peasants from different regions. You can look at the houses, which are hundreds of years old.

Eating establishments

Making establishments with the entertainment part is a trend in Lviv. So at some, you can, for example, look at the collection of cameras, bargain with the waiter, or watch coffee being extracted from a mine (yes, we wrote that correctly).

In Lviv, you should try a mushroom soup, pierogi (dumplings), a roast (potatoes with white mushrooms and meat, baked in a сrock), and cottage cheese cheesecake. Also, try the coffee because some establishments have unique recipes for preparation (some even set it on fire). If you want to try local alcohol, pay attention to herbal and fruit tinctures and craft beer.


The nightly rate for a place in a capsule hotel costs € 5–12, in a hostel € 4–18, (a room) in a three-star hotel € 20–40, and in a five-star € 95–120.

Where to go nearby

It is not far to go to the Carpathians from Lviv. In particular, you can visit the Skole Beskids Nature Park. This is a vast area with picturesque mountains and waterfalls (for example, Kamianka Waterfall and Dead Lake, Sopit).

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