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​​To depart from Yerevan in the morning and already in the afternoon to walk along the streets of French cities, and even at a reasonable price? It is possible with the Ukrainian airline SkyUp. This publication tells you how to quickly and comfortably get to one of the most romantic countries through Kyiv.

We understand that your time and comfort are very important for a long-distance journey, and therefore we have made a convenient flight schedule. In three hours of flight, you will be in Kyiv. After a quick transfer and three more hours in the sky, you will have half a day to start exploring such coveted France. Just have a look:

— Yerevan – Kyiv: departure at 4:30, arrival at 6:30 (from March 28, before that planes depart at 4:50 and arrive at 5:50 or at night);

— Kyiv – Paris: departure at 10:05, arrival at 12:20 (on some days 10:15 - 12:35 and 10:35 - 12:50);

— Kyiv – Marseilles: departure at 9:00, arrival at 11:25 (from April 29);

— Kyiv – Nice: departure at 9:50, arrival at 12:00 (from March 27).

More about the schedule you'll find on the SkyUp website.

Also, we are sure that you will be pleased with the prices of such trips:

— Yerevan – Kyiv: from $ 60*;

— Kyiv – Paris: from $ 36;

— Kyiv – Marseilles: from $ 104;

— Kyiv – Nice: from $ 119.

Important: tickets do not include the classic transfer. To get on a flight from Kyiv, you need to go through passport control and, once again check-in procedures (luggage, security control, etc.). However, such a trip's speed, convenience, and low cost are excellent compensation for possible inconveniences.

Why else is it worth flying with SkyUp?

Traveling with SkyUp means comfortable planes, friendly crew, and excellent services that make traveling easier at every step:

Online booking and online check-in, so there is no need to stand in long lines.

Convenient fares that allow you to plan both short and long trips easily:

  1. With the Basic fare, you can check in for a flight in 48 hours and take your hand baggage on board.
  2. In the Standard fare, you can change the departure date for an additional fee, take two pieces of hand baggage and baggage, get a 10% discount on additional services (such as transportation of pets) and check in for a flight 15 days before the flight.
  3. By choosing the Flex fare, you can change the departure date, check in for a flight 30 days before the trip, take two pieces of hand baggage and baggage, get a 20% discount on additional services and choose a seat on the plane for free.

Wide choice of additional services:

  1. Fast track during check-in, baggage drop-off, passport and security control;
  2. choosing a seat on a plane;
  3. extra baggage or increase in its weight;
  4. additional hand baggage;
  5. carriage of an animal ;
  6. correction of passenger data;
  7. accompanying of a minor child;
  8. transportation of sports equipment, etc.

Unsurpassed food on board. You can pre-order a hearty lunch, delicious rolls with various fillings, Thai noodles, and delicate desserts. Can you imagine the beginning of your journey even more wonderful?

What to see in France?

France enchants with its serenity, sense of adventure, chic architecture, and gourmet cuisine.


Paris is called the city of romance, but it is also the city of museums, parties, and strolls. In addition to the Louvre, we advise you to visit the Centre Pompidou, the d'Orsay and Rodin museums. Among the sights do not miss the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the Pantheon, Les Invalides and the Pont Alexandre III (in addition to the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame and Palace of Versailles). We also recommend walking in the Tuileries and the Luxembourg Gardens early in the morning. Indeed, at this time, there are still few people here, and Paris is incredibly charming in the morning.


This city is the heart of Provence. It rises in tiers over the Gulf of Lion and thus resembles port cities from films about the Middle Ages. So start your walk from the port and go to cozy restaurants and the old fish market known throughout Europe. Then go to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde, the symbol of Marseilles. And you can look at the panorama of the city from the Friuli Islands. There, by the way, is the Château d'If, where Edmond Dantès from the novel by Dumas was imprisoned.


Sky blue sea, palm trees, moored yachts, and cozy streets. It's all about Nice. The Côte d'Azur will delight you not only with its warm sea but also with the beauty of its architecture. Take a walk through the old town's narrow streets, reminiscent of provincial Italy, and see the main sights: Palais de Justice, Chapelle de la Miséricorde, Cathedral of Saint Reparata, and Jardin Albert I.

Yerevan – Kyiv, Kyiv – Paris, Kyiv – Marseilles and Kyiv – Nice flight tickets are available on the SkyUp Airlines website. Visit the website and select the desired date.

You can also buy Yerevan – Kyiv, Kyiv – Paris, Kyiv – Marseilles and Kyiv – Nice flight tickets paying in installments. Fly now, pay later.

* All prices listed in this text are valid at the time of publication



We at SkyUp want your trip to be comfortable and beautiful, and that you completely relax, forget about any worries and set out to relax already in the cabin.

SkyInterior on our sides SkyUp is one of the reasons why it is so pleasant and comfortable to fly with us. This is an integrated approach to the design of the aircraft cabin, which is based on the principles of ergonomics, rationalism and, of course, comfort.

aircraft interior
aircraft interior
aircraft interior
  • In the design of the interior panels of the cabin there are no sharp corners, it creates additional protection;
  • There are comfortable LED backlights for reading;
  • Recessed buttons to call the flight attendant make it impossible to accidentally call;
  • Inside, the new configuration of luggage racks is more spacious and comfortable.

The main and really impressive effect, which is noted by absolutely everything - is the multi-colored interior lighting, which is selected depending on the phase of flight. The colors change very smoothly within a few minutes and create an inconspicuous calming and relaxing effect during the flight.

In the night phase of the flight, the light is turned off; for comfort, only the pleasant blue Sky Skylight remains, which somewhat resembles the light of the moon. At dawn, when the time to wake up, the color of the backlight changes to orange-pink - the color of the rising sun.

SkyUp offers to enjoy the comfort of modern lounges and feel the incredible emotions during the flight. After all, the journey must begin beautifully, do you agree?

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