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Kharkiv was the first capital of Ukraine in the rimes of the USSR; the city boasts the  largest square in the country, named Freedom Square. Young and big, it acts as the center of the country’s business and cultural life. Travel with ease, as SkyUp will take care of the pleasant start of your journey:

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Kharkiv: a city of fountains, green areas, and amusements

Kharkiv is famous for its modern architecture and green parks. Get filled with inspiration in Ukraine’s largest art museum with its collection of more than 20,000 paintings and classical music concerts held there regularly. This city has given the world some prominent scientists including three Nobel Prize winners, as well as some talented artists and athletes.

How to get to the city

To get to the city from Kharkiv International Airport’s Terminal A, you can take trolleybus No.5 for $0.15*, buses No.119е, No.152е, No.255е for $0.30*. If you want to save time, opt for a taxi, with the cost of a ride starting at $3.77*.

Places worth visiting

The young city doesn’t have many monuments, but it has prepared some interesting places for its inhabitants and guests:

– Kharkiv Disneyland, this is what its Gorky Central Park is commonly called. It develops rapidly, and is one of Ukraine’s best amusement parks. A visit here will allow you to have a fun time enjoying the rides, the cable road, the 55-meter-high ferris wheel, and so on. The territory includes thematic zones: for extreme sports lovers, for children, retro-style, etc.

– Kharkiv Zoo functioning since 1896 is the country’s oldest one. Its visitors will be able to see more than 400 species of animals and birds. Nearby there are the dolphinarium, the Feldman Ecopark you can visit free of charge, and the quaint fountain with monkeys.

– The Barabashovo market with an area of 75 hectares, included in the Top 15 largest ones in the world.

Where to stay

The price for a standard room for two at Kharkiv’s hotels starts a $16* per night. The price set for a studio suite starts at 26$*, and the cost of a double deluxe, at 30$*. Comfortable family suites are available at prices starting at $18*.

What to visit nearby

The sights you might be interested to see near Kharkiv are:

– The Russian Emperor’s travel palace erected in 1819 where the royal family stopped to rest on the way.

– The chalk mountains located along the Oskol River. A whole complex of these naturally occurring buildups forms weird-shaped white cliffs, brows, and precipices. You can also enjoy a view of the river valley from one of the hill tops.

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