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Soul city. Ideas, delicious wine, and people whose hospitality is known far beyond the borders of the country are born here. Welcome to the capital of Georgia. And let's explore it.

How to move

Take bus No. 37 to get to the city from the airport. In spring, autumn, and summer, it runs around the clock at 15 minutes intervals. In winter, it runs from 7:00 am to 11:35 pm. The price is more than affordable — getting to the central square will cost you €0.17*. You can buy a ticket from the driver and walk around the city in an hour.

You can also take a taxi. There is no Uber here, but there is a Bolt. The average bill for a trip from the airport to the central square will be €7*.
Want to feel some local atmosphere here and now? Then order a GoTrip transfer. You plan the route by yourself, and a car with a local driver will arrive directly at the airport.

There is a subway in the city. The cost of a single trip is €0.17*. But first you need to buy a special card and refill it with €0.75*.


What to see

Let's start with the Old Town, a classic tourist attraction. Here you can feel and see its spirit, which has remained unchanged for 200 years. Walk to the Narikala Fortress, and from there to the Botanical Garden to relax in the shade of exotic plants.

Mtatsminda mount is also a must-see location. 740 meters above the city and breathtaking panorama. You can get there by funicular or buses No.No. 124 and 90 from the Rustaveli metro station. 

Visiting Tbilisi cannot be limited by history alone. Fabrika was and remains the most party location of the capital. This is an open-air space, which is often called the Georgian Berlin. This place is about craft beer bars, local brand shops, and hipster paradise.

And don't forget to take a walk along the Dry Bridge. There is a beautiful city park of Deda Ena next to him, and on the near street there is a flea market with a bunch of authentic attractions. It’s a must-see location for vintage lovers.


Because where if not in Georgia? Local, international or fast food. The cuisine here was and remains one of the most delicious in the world. The average bill for a quick snack is €2*. The average bill in a restaurant will start from €16*.

Explore (things to see out of the city)

To those who travel in summer and feel the need for water services, we advise to go to the Tbilisi Sea. That is like locals call this blue lake near the city. It has a huge beach area, 3 pools, bars, and great music.

And don't forget to visit Mtskheta. This hotspot and sacred place for every Georgian was once the first capital of the country. Here the channels of two rivers, Agarvi and Kura, merge. And here you can feel the atmosphere of lightness and tranquility.


Here you can live in your dream house for very reasonable money. Even in the very center of the city, you can rent apartments for up to €25*. If you want silence and the Botanical Park within walking distance — then look for an apartment near Mtatsminda mount. However, birds singing instead of a noisy city sounds will cost a little more — from €37*.
A night in a comfortable hostel will cost from €7*, and in a good hotel from €30*.


Book a flight

Kyiv — Tbilisi flights are available on the SkyUp Airlines website. Go ahead and choose the date you want. We fly daily and start operating flights on 1 November. We also provide an opportunity to purchase airline tickets Kyiv — Tbilisi by installments. Fly now, pay later.

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