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Barcelona is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, the capital of the same name province, and the autonomous region of Catalonia. It's the economic, commercial, and sports heart of the region. Visit Barcelona, feel its unique atmosphere, and SkyUp will make this trip easy and as comfortable as possible for you:

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 Barcelona is the tourist pearl of the Mediterranean

There are 8 family-friendly sand and gravel beaches along the Barcelona coastline, with a total length of 5 km. They have everything you need for a comfortable and safe rest.

You can learn a lot of interesting things and enjoy art in numerous museums, concert halls and theaters, among which the most famous are the Liceu Grand Opera House, the National Theater of Catalonia and the Palace of Catalan Music.

How to get to the city

The airport is located 20 km from Barcelona. You can get from it to the city by different types of transport:

— By regular bus in 40 minutes, the fare is 2.15€*.

— By train in 25 minutes, the fare is 2.4€*.

— By Aerobus airport bus in 35 minutes, the fare is 5.9€*.

— By metro in 5 minutes, the fare is 4.5€*.

— By taxi in 15 minutes, the fare from 40€*.

What should you visit

Barcelona is a city of entertainment, fascinating landscapes, and architecture that will captivate and delight your imagination. We advise you to visit the following places:

The park «Labyrinth» near Mundet metro station and cycle track. It intertwines 2 styles of park design - neoclassical of the 18th century and romantic style of the 19th century. The most beautiful places in the park are the labyrinth, the Desvalls family palace, the Romantic Canal and man-made ponds.

«Quarter of Strife», which is located on Paseo de Gracia Avenue, got its name because there are architectural monuments created according to the projects of 4 different modernist architects. These are the house of Lleo y Morera, the house of Amalje, two buildings by the architect Enrique Sanguieri and the house of Mila by Gaudí.

Palace of Catalan Music by architect Lewis Domenech y Montaneron in Catalan Art Nouveau style. It's the only naturally lit concert hall in Europe. Its peculiarity is the domination of curved lines over straight lines, dynamic forms over static forms, unique external and internal decoration.

Where should I stay?

The best offers will be housing in the areas of the Gothic Quarter and the New Town of Eixample, as well as the areas of El Born, Poble Nou, Raval, Gracia, and Barceloneta. They are located closest to the beaches and also have many shops, restaurants, cafes, and cultural and architectural attractions. A standard double room starts from 28€*, and a family room starts from 50€*. Comfortable rooms and apartments by the beach will cost you an average of 80-120€*.

Where should I go nearby?

The well-preserved medieval town of Vic is 70 km from Barcelona. The town is renowned for its unique sausages, vibrant festivals and a varied assortment of local markets. You can get to Vic from Barcelona by train.

Fans of sparkling wines will be interested in visiting the factories Freixenet (Sant Sadurni d'Anoia) and Codorniu (Alt Penedès), where a meaningful excursion and tasting of branded drinks will be held for them. At the Codorniu shop, you can buy and bring home a drop of sparkling Spain.

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