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In addition to summer weather almost all year round, traveling to Larnaca has many other benefits. For example, the Cypriots' architecture inherited from the Romans, Turks, and Englishmen, a huge number of attractions, and the turquoise sea.

Getting ready for the road

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From airport to the city

Larnaca is just 4 km from the airport. You can get to the city by buses No. 407, 417, 419, 425, and 429 every hour from 6 a.m. till 10:45. The trip costs € 1.5–3. You can also choose taxis that stand at the airport exit and cost from € 10 per trip.


You can take a bus around the city for € 1. However, to fully enjoy Larnaca, we recommend renting a bike for € 6–8 per day or a scooter for ≈ € 15. And also you can rent a car (≈ € 40 per day) to see all of Cyprus.

Interesting historical places

If you come to Cyprus from May till October, we recommend visiting Salt Lake, close to Larnaca airport. During this period, flocks of pink flamingos fly in there. And this is an incredible show! If you arrive at other times, walk along the footpaths by the lake and look at the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque.

Then go to the beach with the Finikoudes palm alley, marked with a “blue flag”. This means that it is safe and clean. And Mackenzie Beach is known for planes flying over it every 10–20 minutes. So beautiful photos and videos are guaranteed!

And go to the Church of Saint Lazarus, built in the 9th century in the best traditions of Byzantine architecture. And take a look at the stone bridge Kamares Aqueduct with the arches. It was built in the 18th century to deliver water from mountainous areas.


In Cyprus, you certainly will not stay hungry and dissatisfied. First, try the local fast food “gyros”, made from chicken or pork with different sauces.

And to have a leisurely lunch, look for restaurants away from the center. They are not designed for tourists, and there you can taste the national Cypriot dishes. For example, souvlaki, small meat, and vegetable pieces are served in pita (thin bread). And don’t forget about grilled fish – it is delicious cooked in almost every restaurant.


In Larnaca, you can live in a hostel (from € 10), a two-star (from € 20) or five-star (from € 100) hotel, or in apartments (from € 40).

If you plan to go to discos and restaurants, we recommend living near Mackenzie Beach and, if you want to enjoy a quiet holiday, living in the areas of Oroklini and Pyla.

Where to go nearby

Go to the ancient villages in the mountains near Larnaca: Lefkara and Kato Drys. In Lefkara, you can attend a master class in pottery and walk the old streets. And in Kato Drys go to the winery and taste wine there.

If you enjoy diving, head to the sunken ship Zenobia near Larnaca. And if you love rocks, lagoons, and turquoise sea, visit Ayia Napa.

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