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Although Rimini is considered a resort, it will charm you with its historicity. And there is still so much beauty around the town that Rimini is a great starting point for further exploration of Italy.

Getting ready for the road

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From airport to the city

From Rimini Airport you can get to the train station in the very heart of the town. In particular, take the No.9 bus, which will take you for € 1.5.

A trip to the same distance by taxi (5–7 km) will cost € 20.


A ticket for other buses also costs € 1.5. However, for a trip to the suburbs, you will have to pay € 2-6, depending on the distance.

Interesting historical places

Rimini is an authentic, almost cinematic provincial Italy. Not surprisingly, the famous Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini grew up in this place with old narrow streets, family-owned shops and establishments, and well-groomed terraces. So head to the historic district where the artist lived – Borgo San Giuliano. Enjoy the quiet streets, go to the fragrant bakery and watch the locals discussing something energetically.

However, in Rimini, you can see not only places that are several hundred years old, but also two thousand. In particular, the Arch of Augustus Emperor, which used to be the gateway to the city, dates back to 27 BC. Head through the arch, walk around the central part of the town, look into the old unfinished Malatesta Temple and cross the bridge of Tiberius (it is precisely on the opposite side of the old town). The five-arch bridge of 21 AD is perfectly preserved and withstands the movement of dozens of cars and pedestrians every day.

After completing the minimum cultural program, go to the sea without remorse. Rimini has free and conditionally paid beaches (where you will be offered to rent sunbeds, umbrellas, and other beach paraphernalia). Free beaches: Central beach No.1, areas between beaches 57–58, 71–72, 106–107, 109–110, 105–106, and 139–140. Paid beaches with good reviews: Rivazzurra, Miramare, Marebello, Bagno Libra.


Although you definitely ate pasta, pizza, and lasagna in Ukraine, these dishes are incredibly delicious in Italy. Rimini also has a regional gastronomic specificity – tortellini (dumplings) in broth and piadina (flatbreads with various fillings).

And the best drinks for lunch or dinner are Pignoletto and Sangiovese wines and prosecco.

And we must warn about large portions, which in principle is typical for all of Italy.


A room in two-star hotel costs from € 20, and in a 3-4-star hotel from € 40. Also, in Rimini, there are many offers for renting apartments. They cost from € 70 per night.

Where to go nearby

From Rimini, you can quickly get to two major Italian cities of Florence and Bologna.

You can also go to the town of Ravenna, where there are eight sights from the UNESCO list (temples and mausoleums). And since each Italian city is charming and beautiful, you can go to the town close to Rimini. In particular, the town of Santarcangelo di Romagna will enchant you with its coziness, medieval charm, and secluded terraces.

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