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Tirana is the small capital of Albania, a country rich in natural wonders. The city gladly welcomes tourists to provide them with a place for relaxation. It wishes them exciting adventures in the intensely green mountains, by picturesque lakes, and on the shores of azure seas.

Getting ready for the road

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From airport to the town

The distance from Airport Nënë Tereza to Tirana is 17 km. The Tirana Rinas Express runs to the main square of Skanderbeg every hour from 6 am till 6 pm (≈ € 2).

You can also get there by taxi for about € 20.


Until 10 pm you can travel around the city by bus. The fare is about € 0.3. For a taxi, you will pay from € 2.5 during the day and from € 4 at night.

You can also rent a bicycle (€ 0.5 per hour) and explore the surroundings of Tirana, full of beautiful nature.

Interesting historical places

Tirana is a town with a great architectural heritage of the socialist period, however, influenced by the Turkish style and with beautiful nature nearby. Therefore, a plattenbau easily gets along with mosques, bright colors, and mountains on the horizon.

It would be best to visit the Et'hem Bey Mosque of the 18th century on the central Skanderbeg Square. This temple symbolizes the revival of the religious freedom of Albania.

Near the mosque, there is a clock tower 35 meters high. You can climb to the very top to explore the city.

Then walk to Mother Teresa Square to appreciate Albanian constructivism.

Here you can visit the National Archaeological Museum with exhibits dating from prehistoric times to the middle ages. And in the National History Museum, you can learn about the history of the independence of Albania. 


Albania is famous for its deliciously cooked fish and seafood at reasonable prices, so be sure to enjoy such dishes. They also serve stuffed peppers, stewed veal, roasted eggplant, and moussaka.

You can try wines and rakia from local alcohol.

And in almost every establishment, Albanians try to show hospitality, so a compliment at the end of the visit is an iron rule. They will bring you a large portion of fruit or dessert.


Tirana is a small city, so you will have quick access to everything you need by renting accommodation in the center.

Accommodation in a hostel costs from € 7, in a four-star hotel – € 40–60, and in five-star apartments – from € 80.

Where to go nearby

Albania is an endless sea and mountain resort. You can go to the seaside, for example, to the town of Durrës. In addition to gentle waves, you will find an ancient aqueduct and a Venetian tower where you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee.

From another sea town, Vlorë, you can get to the uninhabited picturesque rocky island of Sazan. And for the picturesque views, it is worth going to Lake Butrint, which, although called a lake, but is actually the lagoon of the Ionian Sea.

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