Goodbye, fall: SkyUp summer plans, cargo flight operations, and even more baggage volume for passengers

Goodbye, fall: SkyUp summer plans, cargo flight operations, and even more baggage volume for passengers

11 Dec 2020
In November, we announced summer plans for 2021, resumed cargo flights, expanded the current flight programme, and launched new service for passengers.

Highlights in figures

According to our internal statistics**, in November, we completed 88.5% of flights on time. Since July, we have been keeping within the desired stable indicator of punctuality of 85-95%.

Returned to cargo flight operations

In November, we reconfigured our planes for cargo transportation and have already operated 4 flights to transport 66.3 tonnes of cargo. Now we are engaged in the transportation of medical supplies from China to Ukraine and to the EU countries.

Also in November, on passenger flights we transported 16.1 tonnes of cargo.

Scheduled many new and favorite destinations for summer 2021

Our summer programme already contains 21 countries and more than 60 routes from Kyiv and regions. Brand new destinations include Portugal, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Jordan, Sweden, Serbia, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. Details on the specifics of SkyUp summer navigation can be found in the news publication.

In November, we already announced the new route Kyiv — Berlin — Kyiv. In a similar way, we will gradually introduce our passengers to other destinations that we plan to launch.

Even more Turkey

We announced the launch of flights to Instanbul from Lviv and Odesa in December. For those who are now actively traveling to this Turkish city, we have prepared a detailed explainer on the introduced anti-coronaviens restrictions for a safe stay in the country. And also held the first author's Weekend for U, which has been described in detail here.

In addition, we started

Launched a new service for passengers — Upgrade baggage

The Upgrade baggage service is an opportunity to increase the weight of a piece of baggage from 23 kg to 32 kg. Such an upgrade will cost $20* in local currency equivalent. Details on how to use the service are in the news publication.

*Ticket price is as of the date of publication

**The method used to calculate statistics is as follows: we consider flights from and to airports of Ukraine. From all these flights, we calculate those that were late by more than 15 minutes, more than 30 minutes, more than one hour and canceled flights. Punctuality rate is the percentage of flights that departed with a delay of less than 15 minutes, according to world aviation standards