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Safe for the passenger and caring for others: the rules we follow on board

Safe for the passenger and caring for others: the rules we follow on board

15 Sep 2020

After a several-month ban on flights, SkyUp Airlines is gradually resuming and increasing the number of flights. In early July, we talked about how travel would change in a pandemic. We would like to remind you of some important rules that we follow on board, as well as the mandatory conditions that we ask all our passengers to comply with.

How we prepare the plane for your flight

To protect your health, cleaning and disinfection procedures on aircraft have been carried out more intensively and frequently over the past few months. Our aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each flight.

Crews are provided with all necessary personal protective equipment. Medical masks, gloves, hand sanitizers are necessarily used by our team in accordance with the recommendations of competent international institutions and in accordance with the rules of our airline.

Depending on the load of the flight, we try to place passengers on board with the maximum possible distance from each other.

Meals on board are individually packaged. To pay for additional services, we have provided the possibility of contactless payment.

The toilet in the front of the aircraft is reserved for the needs of the crew during the quarantine restrictions, so passengers can only use the toilets located in the tail section.

We provide clean air in the cabin with high-performance HEPA-filters, fresh air is supplied to the cabin every 2-3 minutes.

We also would like to remind you that the entrance to airports is now limited for those who only meet or see off travelers and do not have the boarding pass.

Rules that the passenger should follow during the flight

The basic rules that we follow during the pandemic times in everyday life and when traveling, for many have become commonplace. Personal hygiene, mandatory wearing of masks in public places, temperature screening, preference for contactless payment, etc.


We reiterate the importance of wearing a mask throughout the flight, so please make sure you have enough of them, keeping in mind the fact that the medical mask should be changed every 4 hours or as soon as it becomes wet. Regulators recommend the use of medical masks – they meet the requirements set by the European standard EN 14683:2014. Do not use masks with breathing valves.

Exceptions are children under 6 years old and people who have medical contraindications to wearing a mask. To dispose of used masks and gloves, use a sanitary bag in the pocket of the seat in front of you.

Important! It is compulsory to wear a mask in the aircraft cabin.


On board the aircraft we provide our passengers with wet wipes. For your own safety and the safety of others, please observe personal hygiene: regularly wash your hands thoroughly and with soap for at least 20 seconds, avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces and other people, and after such contact use hand sanitizers.

Travel on board

If possible, stay in a seat with a seat belt fastened and do not get up unnecessarily to avoid crowding. Use the call button to call flight attendants. Use the toilets located in the tail of the aircraft. Please note that passengers are not allowed to gather near service areas (kitchens).

Hand luggage

We also recommend that our passengers minimize the volume of carry-on luggage to speed up boarding/disembarking and reduce contact with other people and things. In some countries (such as Turkey, the UAE, Azerbaijan) the requirements for the reduction of hand luggage are approved at the level of state competent authorities.

Compliance with crew requirements

All the above rules are designed to protect both our passengers and crews. It is very important to follow them throughout the flight, as well as follow the instructions of flight attendants. The crew has the right not to allow passengers who do not comply with the rules of air transportation to the flight.